Hey guys!

It's easy to notice that players mostly stick to two summoner spells while not supporting/jungling - flash + ignite. ADCs also oftenly take something instead of ignite. Some junglers sometimes sacrifice their summoner spell slot and switch flash into ignite, some supports take ignite + flash (wtf). It's also easy to notice that people really oftenly use them badly as heck, like flashing out even if you don't really need it, or igniting the target with high current health without trying to achieve the kill, also the biggest misuse of ignite - casting it on target that is surely going to die.

So then, what if flash and ignite both become disabled for one day? Of course, it would bring some chaos into games, but the most important question comes here: which spells would become most popular in this time? Junglers using smite + exhaust (set which i really like)? Cleanse + ghost tanks that would bring a lot of destruction into teamfights? Exhaust and heal supports? Ghost-exhaust kiting machines? Barrier-ghost unburstable APCs? Or maybe some other settings?

So, why not, if Riot would give us one day like this, maybe even with IP boosts? Think about how much interesting things everybody would learn. What do you think about such idea?

Also, one note to flash-ignite-all-the-time players: Really, try to pick something else sometimes. You don't even know how much can some spells bring to your game.