Hey guys!

As almost everybody knows, some hours ago a new map and Zac became released at PBE servers. And, i have already noticed some problems about these.

Zac is somehow nice as a champion. But, there are massive problems imo.

  • Passive. Both bonuses.
    • Regenerating pickups. Though it's nice idea, these blobs are flying out into positions, where you simply can't catch them. Why? Because they land somewhere around your enemies. Picking them is mostly impossible. Also, amount of health they give back is too small. 4% of max health compared to cost of his skills means that those are effective only when you are around 50% of max health. Small note: Yeah, i know that he is better jungler than laner, but i will also explain the problems with his jungling.
    • Reviving part. It's once again really well done as concept, but speed of small blobs seems to be a joke. Single champion can easily destroy them before recombining.
  • High health costs. Though the amount comes from current health, it's still too much.
  • Time of landing most abilities. OH GOD, this is incredible. The worst thing that can happen is to miss any of his abilities, which is literally no problem. Q has low range and something like 0.5 seconds to hit. W is not that slow, so i guess this is not problem. But E has one, great problem. When fully charged range is far, you have to wait because his flight is about 0.75 seconds long. Ultimate. This is ridiculous. Time of flight makes this skill almost impossible to chase with. When it's nice thing in teamfights, it has really no chance to catch an enemy. Any short gapcloser or tiny movement boost can make enemies safe. And, for these who wonder, Zac isn't untargetable when doing this. There comes another problem. It takes too long to cast whole skill, so enemy can output more damage on you than you can do through the duration.
    • This also makes him hard to gank anybody.

Oh damn, this is so great concept. It would be shame if Riot would break that.


Howling Abyss has awesome theme and really looks goddamn great. Also, it solves the problem with people dodging ARAM games.

  • But this doesn't make this map perfect. This is simply absolutely same as Proving Grounds. Same placed bushes, same ways, everything except visual and sound design is same, ignoring slight changes in envinronment.

I don't really like to brag about anything, but when i saw these... I was dissapointed as heck. Really.