Hey guys!

I was recently checking some new builds at PBE and i have noticed that Liandry is pretty nice item for some champions. But, i have never thought it can be good for Skarner.

Well, mostly people play him as AP offtank in jungle. And it's good.

Why is it effective? Let me explain.

- His E marks targets with some kind of debuff, which heals him when target earns damage from him. And that's the point - hit minion wave with it, Liandry then activates it on every target hit without your effort = massive heal without any problem.

- His Q (with 2nd cast and later, of course) applies slow and has really low cooldown. Imagine what happens if you keep spamming it in teamfight with Liandry's passive. You don't even have to build Rylai for that.

- He can deal some awesome damage with this item even if built as tank.

- Helps in jungling. Liandry's passive deals some bonus damage to high health monsters.

- Gives some health and ability power. Also bonus penetration isn't bad.

That works pretty nice. You can give it a try.

What are your thoughts?