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Why Sejuani is getting reworked?

Hey guys!

It's simple and short post with one, straight question.

Can somebody explain me why Sejuani is getting reworked? She was actually really viable and good pick, so what is the reason? Is it because of community again?

EDIT: It can't be just simple post. Because some people don't get some things.

Fact that she can be countered hard is not reason. Same thing goes for Xin Zhao or Udyr, and they are left alone.

Fact that she needs good team comp is not reason too.

Fact that she doesn't fits into actual meta (oh, how many times recently i have heard this quote!) is lie. She actually does, think about recently popular warmogs and health, which she loves.

Fact that she has weak early game is not reason too. Tell me, how weak in early are ap Varus and Yi, and how powerful they are in later game.

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