Hi guys... this is my First blog post soo.... please bear with me..

'Warning: PBE content is tentative and iterative. What you see below may not be representative of what will be pushed to live servers. The PBE is a place for testing, some changes may not be more than experiments. )'

GG its most likely confirmed.. =( CLIIICK MEE!

Im here to disscuss the  new icons on the patch 3.10 in PBE.Here take a look,

New Item Icons
This picture was seen on this post hereCLIIIIICK MEE!

Its like a DOTA 2 style items. here is take a look at the items again! Click MEEEEEE!

what is your opinion?

Thing that bugs me off is that the new items are in a High-res pictures.really looks like DORA2  DotA 2 

I know that League Of Legends have a different art style..I dont want Riot make all of our items to be DOTA 2 -ish that sucks cuz the 2 games will look similar...

And Ironically enough all of these Items are the Items i always use /go - to items....... =) 

Comment , Rate , Subscribe LOL... tell me your opinions at this PBE change. 

Luis012 (talk) 12:21, July 13, 2013 (UTC)