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Can we try to predict bans for All-Star?

In my opinion:

Global bans/picks (in general, they are still "imba" and/or can be picked or banned in any situations):

- Twisted Fate (i believe he still didn't get the giant nerfs in the patch they will play)

- Thresh

- Zac

- Caitlyn (also not nerfed yet, i think)

NA vs China

NA will ban:

- Twisted Fate (Misaya)

- Jarvan IV (PDD)

Possibly: Sona (Xiao), Hecarim (Troll) or Zed

China will ban:

- Gragas (Scarra)

- Diana (Scarra)

Possibly: Vayne (Dlift), Rumble/Renek (Dyrus) or Caitlyn (Dlift)

EU vs KR:

EU will ban:

- Zed

- Thresh (probably if not first pick)

Possibly: Singed (Shy), Jayce, Twitch (Pray) or Orianna (Ambition)

KR will ban:

- Zed 

- Thresh (probably if not first pick)

Possibly: Lee Sin (Dprox), Elise (Dprox), Miss Fortune (Yellowpete) or Sona (Edward)

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