Here it is folks:

Note that it is in written form and Phreak addresses impending nerfs to many champs including: Ezreal, Jayce, Rengar, Eve, Sona and Blitz.

Also note that DFG, Phage and Trinity Force (slow component) are getting nerfed as well. Happy reading!


Alright so I found a link to a Reign of Gaming article that details a number of the changes on PBE (there appear to be some bugs concerning Jayce's E's tooltip as of now). Since it isn't Riot's official changes I'd take these with a grain of salt:

Some of the things of interest to note that aren't detailed in Phreak's PBE preview are: the new weapons (some for the revamped Twisted Treeline), new Galio splash art, Bonetooth necklace nerf and the stats on Elise (the new Spider champion).

I'll update with any major typos that the Reign of Gaming articles have (NOT with all of the changes):

1) Rengar: Q - Ferocity bonus deals 150% damage (DOWN from 250%)

2) Sona: New base armor 6 (+3.3) DOWN from 8 (+3.3)

3) Evelynn: Deals 15/20/25% (plus 1% of Eve's total AP) of target's max health (down from 2% of Eve's total AP)

If any one else catches any mistakes, let me know in the comments below and I will update accordingly.

Edit 2

I noticed I forgot to mention some of the official info on PBE regarding Twisted Treeline. Here's Riot's post detailing some info about it:

Click on "next Riot post" to scroll through some of Riot's answers to fan concerns about the map, but I paraphrased a few of them below:

1) Will the lanes still be horizontal or will they be laid out more like SR?

The lanes will still be horizontal.

2) Did you fix the tower ranges so that they are actually equal this time?

Yes, the tower detection ranges are now equal.

3) Did Vilemaw eat Ebonmaw (the previous Dragon boss)?

Look closely...

4) Is this jungle going to be able to sustain a player or it it going to be turned into a 1-2 with subsidization from the jungle?

The goal is to encourage less turtling/farming and more skirmishing. In terms of game flow, I think you'll find the new TT rests comfortably in a place between Summoner's Rift and The Crystal Scar.

For those who are further interested, below is a video done by 3GameMasters that details many of the upcoming changes to TT (including Vilemaw, the new items, and the jungle relics):