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  • Ryguyrules147

    I think the wiki could use a complete visual overhaul. It feel clunky and a bit difficult to use. A few changes I would like to suggest:

    1. Make the page have black text on a white background. I find that it looks cleaner.
    2. Remove the tabs on champion pages. Wikis are and have always been one long page. Scrolling is a lot easier, and you can Command + F to find text on the whole page, not just one tab. Navigation boxes (like on Wikipedia) do a really good job of allowing you to find the content you want.
    3. Remove the tiny images next to champions/abilities. They just disrupt the flow and spacing. EDIT: Or, keep them in but resise them so that lines with the icons don't have more space between them.
    4. Replace the siding image viewers with galleries. It…
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