(This is just an idea of remaking teemo)REMAKE

Name Ability Level Uping
P- Toxic Poison

Baisc attack apply poison, dealing impact damage and Damage per second for 4 seconds. Impact damage:2(+4 per level)+(0.4 per ability power) Damage per second:3(+3 per level)(+0.3 per ability power)

Q- Quick Move

Passive- Gains bonous movment speed and attack speed.

Active- gains double attack and movment speed.

Cooldown:15 seconds

Cost:20 mana

Passive movment and attack:5/7.5/12.5/17.5/20%

W Passive- Camoflage

W- Blind Surprise

Passive- Standing in bush for 7 seconds, becoming stleathed. Moving will not disstleath but attacking will.

Active- while sleathed, Teemo can use blindind surprise to cause his next basic attack to blind his target.


Durection:3/5/7/9/10 seconds

E- Clound of poison

Teemo blow a poisonous cloud out of his weapon reduicing their attack and movment speed and dealing soft magic damage.

cost: 80 mana

AoE: 675

Magic Damage: 10/35/70/95/100(0.2 per ap)



R- Noxuis Trap

Teemo gains a seeds to place musrooms he is only big to carry 3 once then places a mushroon trap which deals magic damage to enemys who step on them.

Place range:300

Damage range: 400

Cooldown 3 sedonds

Damage: 150/275/385(0.3 per ability)

Seed producoin: 30/25/20 seconds

Cost: 1 seed