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Ryze Re-Re-Rework

SKH123 April 16, 2017 User blog:SKH123

Arcane Mastery
Arcane Mastery

INNATE: Ryze gains (5% per 100 AP) bonus mana. Additionally, he gains a stack of Arcane Rune for every 600 bonus mana he has.

Arcane Runes
Overload 5

INNATE: Each Arcane Rune grants Ryze an additional skill point to add to his basic abilities. (These bonus skill points are only applipicable after level 3.) Ryze can have a maximum of 6 Arcane Runes.

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Desperate Power

INNATE: Ryze can level each of his basic abilities 7 times. Abilities gain a bonus at max rank.

RANGE: 1000
COST: 40 mana

PASSIVE: Hitting an enemy with Overload will cause subsequent hits within 6 seconds to deal and extra 30% damage.

MAGIC DAMAGE: 60/90/120/150/180/210/240 (+45% AP)

Hitting the same target with Overload three times will grant Ryze a shield equal to 10% mana for 3 seconds. The shield has a static 6 second cooldown.

ACTIVE: Ryze unleashes a runic blast in the target direction, dealing magic damage to the first enemy struck.

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At rank 7, Overloads bonus damage increases to 50% from 30%.

Rune Prison
RANGE: 615
COST: 50/60/70/80/90/100/110 mana
COOLDOWN: 13/12.5/12/11.5/11/10.5/10
Rune Prison

Active: After a 0.25 second delay, Ryze deals magic damage and roots the target enemy for 0.75 seconds.

MAGIC DAMAGE: 80/90/100/110/120/130/140 (+ 25% AP)

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Rune Prison

At rank 7, Rune Prison's cooldown is reduced by 2.5 seconds (before applying CDR) if he hits the target with Overload while they are rooted.

Spell Flux
RANGE: 615
COST: 40/50/60/70/80/90/100 mana
COOLDOWN: 3.2/3/2.8/2.6/2.4/2.2/2
Spell Flux

PASSIVE: Casting Spell Flux or Rune Prison will reduce Overload's cooldown by 90%.

MAGIC DAMAGE: 50/75/100/125/150/175/200 (+15% AP)

Active: Ryze hurls an orb of runic energy at the target enemy, dealing magic damage and marking them with Flux for 3 seconds, causing his next basic ability against them to consume the mark and gain bonus effects.

Enemies killed by any of Ryze's abilities while marked with Flux also spread Flux to nearby enemies.

Spell Flux old2

Enhanced Overload: Overload ignores 15/17.5/20/22.5/25/27.5% of the target's MR. Fluxed minions take double damage from Overload.

Enhanced Rune Prison: Rune Prison's effect increases to 1.5 seconds and grants Ryze 25% movement speed for 2 seconds.

Enhanced Spell Flux: Spell Flux spreads to all nearby enemies, applying its damage and marking them with Flux.

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Spell Flux

After Flux has been consumed, the target is marked for 4 seconds. Any further casts of Spell Flux on the marked target will cause it to automatically spread to other targets.

Realm Warp
RANGE: 1000 - 1500/2250/3000
COST: 100 mana
Realm Warp

Active: Ryze channels for 2 seconds, during which he opens a portal around him, and upon successfully completing the channel, he and all allies within the portal blink to the target location.

Ryze can move around and cast spells during this channel, which can be interrupted by both silencing and immobilizing effects.

If Ryze casts Realm Warp within 1000 units, it will instead teleport ONLY Ryze to the location after 0.75 seconds without creating a portal. This will put the ability on a static 25 second cooldown. This effect can still be interrupted and Ryze can freely act during the delay.