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    It was 5 pm. I just got out of school and wanted to have a little bit fun before the 5 hour long homework time. So I got into champion selection and I saw the team combo. Kog'Maw - adc, Teemo - apc, Amumu, tank, and Udyr - bruiser. Only support was missing so I picked Sona to support bot lane. Then the nightmare began. After we got into Summoner's Rift, Kog'Maw called top and ran up there. Amumu followed, so Udyr and I was forced to go bot. I thought to myself, "It should be ok. As long as Kog'Maw can dominate top lane w/ his range advantage, we should be fine." Six minutes in game, I started to worry because Kog'Maw was killed by Yi 5 times already. Amumu also got killed by Yi 4 times. Ten minutes in game, I know we can't win because top…

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