• Saarocker
    Please notice me in comments if you found some more!
    These are only Abilities that doing damage, and also not inclouding the AoE around the Ability, but includes the range of complex line skillshots (for example Rumble's The Equalizer )
    Champion Ability Range Cooldown in Seconds (max ability level)
    Ashe Enchanted Crystal Arrow Global 80
    Ezreal Trueshot Barrage Global 80
    Draven Whirling Death Global 90
    Gangplank Cannon Barrage Global 110
    Karthus Requiem Global 160
    Pantheon Grand Skyfall 5500 120
    Ziggs Mega Inferno Bomb 5300 90
    Nocturne Paranoia (launch) 3500 100
    Lux Final Spark 3000 40
    Caitlyn Ace in the Hole 3000 60
    Rumble The Equalizer 2700 75
    Nami Tidal Wave 2550 100
    Kog'Maw Living Artillery 2200 1 (increasing mana cost)
    Janna Howling Gale 1700 10

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