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  • SachmoXD

    Hey guys, i've been around looking on the website for several months now (only thought to create an account very recently). However, for a short while i've been thinking about possible champion concepts that Riot Games perhaps haven't had a look at yet. I've got a couple of ideas though this blog's focus is on an underground/earth champion who is a heavy bruiser by the name of Digby.

    Let me explain the thought process behind this champion. I've been looking at the different elemental champions the game offers, mainly fire, frost, electricity, dark and light energy focused champions. What this got me thinking was why can't they introduce an earth champion? I suppose Syndra might count in some way considering that she can manipulate objects b…

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  • SachmoXD

    Best ADC

    February 24, 2013 by SachmoXD

    Hi all, I've been playing the game since about May last year, mainly in the role of Solo top or AP mid.

    Changes to the meta and some new champions have me wanting to play ADC so the real question is, Who do you consider to be YOUR best ADC? and of course Why?

    Just for extra information, i've got Ashe, Sivir, Urgot, Vayne, Corky, Tristana, Twisted Fate (he was at one point an ADC and is how i play him), and Gangplank (though more crit and tank focussed).

    Of these champs i'm a solid Ashe or Sivir though a horrible Vayne. But since i'm not an aggressive bottom laner, i only go in when i'm assured a kill, though i love to harass the opposition, it usually results in me taking some unwanted damage.

    I've had a look at Graves, MF, Varus, Draven and t…

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