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    All right guys, let's talk about everyone's most beloved/dreaded Crazy Cat Lady.  I know many of you hate her for her ability to poke you and run away be it from auto attacks or her lesser ICBM's or her ability to flee the scene of a crime and most of the time get away with it.  There are some of you that just love the satisfying sound of "You have slain an enemy" after tossing a Javelin into the void of darkness known as the Fog of War or even just leaping into the fray an mauling some poor AD carrys face off.

    I hope that we can come to an agreement on some things here and work together to change her in a good way for both the hunter and the hunted.  I'm of the belief that she is still too imbalanced in the ways that made her too strong fo…

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    I decided to do another one of these in light of RiotRepertoir's Nidalee rework and looking at what he has I liked some of what he had in his rework but ultimately it looks like he missed the reason why she needed to be reworked. Maybe I do to but I'll leave that for you guys to decide. Take a look at what I have here and tell me what you think. I have additional ideas listed at the bottom of this blog that some may like more than the ones I decided to stick with. Feedback is very much appreciated!

    |date = December 17, 2009 |health = 40 |attack = 70 |spells = 90 |difficulty = 80 |hp = 380 (+90) |mana = 220 (+45) |damage = 49 (+3.0) |attackspeed = 0.672 (+3.22%) |range = 525 (125 - cougar…

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    Nidalee 2.0

    July 11, 2013 by Sagee Prime

    I know I said I wouldn't do another one of these but honestly I'm kinda really bored and well I don't like Nidalee's state in season 3.

    I suppose throwing a rework with little context as to why it should be done, even if its not by my design, doesn't do it much justice or convey a very well put argument. I have pros and cons but they probably just sound like general complains so here we go.

    Nidalee isn't much of a competitive pick anymore, she's really become lackluster in many areas from mechanics to just whats in her kit, and the particular niche she used to fill has been invaded by much stronger flexible picks. The only thing that makes her good are her extremes but its also what makes her bad. It's almost always a struggle when playin…

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    Nidalee rework Final

    October 1, 2012 by Sagee Prime

    Feel free to read through this and tell me what you think. I won't be doing another one of these.

    Rework Nidalee in such a way that preserves the core of how she plays and flows in combat while making her more efficient and reliable at doing it. The goal is to fill in many holes the champion has or at least make them smaller. My original idea here is scrapped and the current idea is listed below it.

    List of problems:

    • No CC
    • Poor mobility when going AP.
    • Clunky Controls in cougar.
    • Completely reliant on CC to use her kit.
    • Ridiculous mana costs.
    • poor scaling on everything other than heal and Javelin.
    • All her abilities have reliability issues.
    • She has bugs out the wazoo.
    • Her passive is only useful in bot, top, and jungle.
    • Half her kit is raw damage with …

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  • Sagee Prime

    ok guys I want to discuss Nunu and supports. Mainly the scaling of support utility and damage. I also want to discuss Nunu and my personal opinion of him and what he has turned into.

    |secondname = Blood Boil |secondinfo = (Active): Invigorates an allied unit by heating their blood, increasing their attack speed and movement speed for 15 seconds. If cast on an ally, Nunu also gains the effect of Blood Boil.

    • Cost: 50 mana
    • Cooldown: 15 seconds
    • Range: 700

    |secondlevel =

    |thirdname = Ice Blast |thirdinfo = (Active): Nunu throws a ball of ice at an enemy unit, dealing magic damage and slowing their movement speed by a percentage and attack speed by 25% for 4 seconds.

    • Cooldown: 6 seconds
    • Range: 550

    |thirdlevel =

    |ultiname = Absolute Zero |ultiinfo = (Active): Nunu…

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