So I am compiling a list of champion and game bugs here and would like anyone who knows of any champion bugs to submit them. I have Nidalee bugs covered so don't bother there but there are numerous champions with numerous bugs and I want to know what they are. let me know and I will update my list as we go.

General BugsEdit

  • Sudden Death syndrome: Ever just randomly die to small damage focus fire and it never equated to lethal damage? Maybe death recap is bugged? Maybe not?
  • Skillshots of all kinds disappear and become invisible making them harder to doge or even see coming
  • If you gain enough distance between any point and click spell that has a missile it will fizzle out.
  • Pathing enough said!
  • Knock-up effects occasionally send champions into orbit for prolonged an random durations normally caused if another champion walks underneath them while being knocked-up.
  • Terrain modifying abilities leave behind invisible obstacles that screw with pathing.
  • There is an HP bar bug that causes champions to retain the same look on their hp bar from level 1 and beyond. Basically a level 18 champion with 2k or more hp will have an hp bar with only four or five blocks in it which makes it look like he has very low hp when he really has tons of hp.
  • On-hit abilities such as SS and PAC and certain dash skills drop their initial targets after cast or causes a champion to cease pursuit of a selected target upon being activated. The target of any spell should also be the automatic target of any auto attacks after wards and vice versa, the target of any auto attacks should be the target of any on next hit spells. (Basically you activate these abilities or use them on an enemy and then your champions either stops or attacks a different target)


AkaliSquare Akali
  • Using Shadow Dance Shadow Dance on other champions, especially other dashing champions, can sometimes cause Akali to get stuck suspended in the dashing animation above the other champion. Normally you cannot cast spells or attack so unless the other champion performs an action that frees you; they will normally kill you.
  • Shadow Dance Shadow Dance sometimes bugs and moves akali in a sliding animation (not the Shadow Dance Shadow Dance animation) moving her slower than intended but also allowing her to auto attak while in motion.
  • On hit abilities bug. (Mark of the Assassin Mark of the Assassin)
AlistarSquare Alistar
  • Poor design more than a bug, but Headbutt Headbutt direction seems to be determined by combining the vector of the target's movement to the Headbutt Headbutt direction.
  • Occasionally Headbutt Headbutt does no damage and does not knockback on impact.
  • General Knock-up bug.(Pulverize pulverize)
AmumuSquare Amumu
AniviaSquare Anivia
  • Crystallize Crystallize will sometimes trap champions inside itself especially if it is cast on top of a champion that is dashing getting them stuck inside it for the duration.
  • General Terrain ability bug (Crystallize Crystallize)
  • General skillshot bug (Flash Frost Flash Frost)
AnnieSquare Annie
  • N/A
AsheSquare Ashe
BlitzcrankSquare Blitzcrank
CaitlynSquare Caitlyn
  • 90 Caliber Net 90 Caliber Net will sometimes not move you anywhere despite there being no obstacles.
CassiopeiaSquare Cassiopeia
  • N/A
Cho'GathSquare Cho'Gath
CorkiSquare Corki
  • Missile Barrage Missile Barrage missile's animation goes further than the actual missile can actually hit.
Dr. MundoSquare Dr. Mundo
EvelynnSquare Evelynn
  • On hit abilities bug. (Ravage Ravage)
EzrealSquare Ezreal
FiddlesticksSquare Fiddlesticks
  • Drain Drain Does not draw turret or minion agro when used on champions
GalioSquare Galio
  • N/A
GangplankSquare Gangplank
  • N/A
GarenSquare Garen
  • Demacian Justice Demacian Justice sometimes fizzles out when targets move away too fast or flash doing no damage and going on cooldown.
  • Demacian Justice Demacian Justice will sometimes hit from way further than it can be cast.
GragasSquare Gragas
HeimerdingerSquare Heimerdinger
IreliaSquare Irelia
  • Bladesurge Bladesurge cannot dash through walls unless you are snug up against the wall. Despite this the ability goes on Cooldown but still does damage if used on a nearby enemy on the other side of the wall.
  • Using Hiten Style Hiten Style and then Transcendent Blades Transcendent Blades often causes Irelia to leave behind glowing orbs.
  • Using Transcendent Blades Transcendent Blades and then Hiten Style Hiten Style often causes Irelia to get a permanent unusable blade that hovers above her until death or the end of the game
  • The first blade of Transcendent Blades Transcendent Blades often fires direcly behind Irelia if used directly upon activating it.
  • On hit Abilities bug. (Bladesurge Bladesurge)
JannaSquare Janna
Jarvan IVSquare Jarvan IV
  • Cataclysm Cataclysm walls are too thick causing most dash and flash abilities to smack into his wall instead of exiting.
  • Cataclysm Cataclysm will sometimes send enemy champions rocketing away as though they were hit by knock-back if standing right where his wall forms when he uses his ult.
  • General Terrain ability bug. (Cataclysm Cataclysm)
  • General Knock-up bug. (Dragon Strike Dragon Strike)- Rare
JaxSquare Jax
KarmaSquare Karma
  • N/A
KarthusSquare Karthus
  • N/A
KassadinSquare Kassadin
  • Using Force Pulse Force Pulse directly after Riftwalk will often cause it to cast behind you often costing a kill
  • Pathing and terrain will sometimes cause his Riftwalk Riftwalk not to go as far as intended or sometimes to go futher.
KatarinaSquare Katarina
  • N/A
KayleSquare Kayle
KennenSquare Kennen
  • Thundering Shuriken Thundering Shuriken animation and hit box speed and alignment are all out of whack. The hit box is faster than the animation so it hits you before it visually hits you and the animation normally keeps going after it hits you.
  • General skillshot bug. (Thundering Shuriken Thundering Shuriken)
Kog'MawSquare Kog'Maw
LeBlancSquare LeBlanc
  • N/A
Lee SinSquare Lee Sin
  • There is a bug that allows Lee Sin to double cast his abilities. (specifically Safeguard Safeguard)
  • When Lee Sin follows up with Resonating Strike Resonating Strike and there are obstacles like minions or walls in the way he will often hit the obstacle and stop or even get stuck instead of reaching his destination target.
LuxSquare Lux
  • N/A
MalphiteSquare Malphite
MaokaiSquare Maokai
Master YiSquare Master Yi
MalzaharSquare Malzahar
  • N/A
Miss FortuneSquare Miss Fortune
MordekaiserSquare Mordekaiser
MorganaSquare Morgana
NasusSquare Nasus
NidaleeSquare Nidalee
  • Javelin Toss Javelin Toss
    • When tossing Javelin Toss Javelin Toss immediately after transforming from Aspect of the Cougar Aspect of the Cougar you will toss it behind you instead of at the selected destination.
    • Javelin Toss Javelin Toss animation goes further than it can hit meaning it visually touches the target but doesn't actually hit.
  • Bushwhack Bushwhack
    • When transforming immediately from Aspect of the Cougar Aspect of the Cougar and trying to lay a Bushwhack Bushwhack Nidalee lays them directly below her instead of where your cursor is.
    • Also don't know if this has been fixed yet but they don't do damage to invisible targets. - This appears to have been fixed.
    • Bushwhack doesn't always reveal the area for placement like it should or it removes FOW but doesn't show enemies that are in fact there
    • Bushwhack Bushwhack can be placed off the map and in general areas that wards cannot be placed like inside walls.
  • Primal Surge Primal Surge
    • When directly transforming from Aspect of the Cougar Aspect of the Cougar and trying to cast Primal Surge Primal Surge Nidalee immediately heals herself. This is kinda ok unless you are trying to clutch heal an ally.
    • Another notable problem, not so much a bug, is the animation time is much longer than other heals meaning she can try to heal a target that would normally be saved by the heal but they will die in the middle of the animation instead of being healed. Cooldown and mana isn't spent even though the full animation goes through but it is an annoying problem. Just an animation timing issue there nothing more.
  • Takedown Takedown
    • This is a problem with all champions with an attack modifying ability. Nidalee will drop whatever her last target was and strike the nearest target if she uses an ability and follows up with take down. So if you Pounce Pounce to a target and click on them and activate Takedown Takedown chances are you could blow a killing blow on a minion if there is one nearby. This bug happens with Siphoning Strike Siphoning Strike, Decisive Strike Decisive Strike, and Devastating Blow Devastating Blow as well.
    • Takedown Takedown misses if blinded.
    • Takedown Takedown doesn't properly crit like it should and will sometimes do less damage if it crits.
  • Pounce Pounce
    • If you transform from human to Aspect of the Cougar Aspect of the Cougar you will Pounce Pounce backward if done immediately upon transforming.
    • If chasing and/or running from enemies and you spam Pounce Pounce chances are you will Pounce Pounce backwards. This might be due to spam clicking on target while spamming Pounce Pounce as that is the only time it seems to happen to me.
    • Nidalee will sometimes get stuck inside objects and terrain such as walls near Blue or minions and sometimes even champions. Getting stuck inside champions almost always results in death as your abilities become locked and the enemy can still attack you but you cannot attack them.
    • When she pounce at stationary targets she will sometime do no damage just because her Pounce Pounce goes just far enough to where the target is outside the aoe. Suggest making pounce do damage on contact rather than landing if possible.
    • Nidalee is unable to Pounce Pounce over walls as effectively as she was on release. She will often Pounce Pounce into the wall and just smash her face against it and go nowhere or do the infamous backwards Pounce Pounce.
    • Nidalee will often Pounce Pounce in place moving nowhere often when she is spamming Pounce Pounce and clicks while chasing and or running away.
    • Nidalee Pounce Pounces in the direction she is facing so if anything just so happens to get in the way she will Pounce Pounce in whatever direction she happens to turn to.
    • If she engages an enemy in the process of jumping a wall she will Pounce Pounce to them instead of over the wall.
  • Swipe Swipe
    • Nothing really other than sometimes it still seems like the AP scaling isn't counted although it may just be because of the low scaling.
  • Aspect of the Cougar Aspect of the Cougar
    • Multiple skills in cougar form have random tool-tip errors all the way from abilities saying they do 0 damage plus the AP scaling to there being level 1 text on a level 3 ability. The last one being the rarest.
    • The AD buff on Nidalee a few patches ago was only applied to her Human form not her Cougar form. "Human 52 AD - Cougar 49 AD" - Fixed
    • Buying recommended items while in Aspect of the Cougar Aspect of the Cougar doesn’t remove them from the list in the shop.
  • Pathing
    • Aspect of the Cougar Aspect of the Cougar pathing is terrible which is one reason why her skills don't always act as intended, it make navigating through minions a pain in the ass because her hit box is more like a torpedo than a normal human. I could be wrong there but that's how it seems she moves.
    • Pathing in human form is pretty bad and as I did in my last bug list I will blame this on the Anchors for boots she has which, btw ,if you do happen to fix her pathing issues do you mind getting her boots like she does in the Chinese art as the current one are atrocious.
NocturneSquare Nocturne
NunuSquare Nunu
  • Graphical bug with Absolute Zero Absolute Zero not showing when Nunu is out of sight via the brush.
OlafSquare Olaf
PantheonSquare Pantheon
PoppySquare Poppy
  • Poppy will sometimes knock people through walls using Heroic Charge Heroic Charge resulting in her losing a kill
  • Sometimes poppy will go through the wall when she is knocking a champion into it with Heroic Charge Heroic Charge.
  • Poppy will sometimes get stuck inside other dashing champion but she can still attack and use skills while the other champion cannot often resulting in the other champions death.
  • Poppy’s Diplomatic Immunity Diplomatic Immunity particle doesn’t go away if her target dies and sometimes even after her ult wears off
  • Using a moving kill like flash or other dash skills while poppy is using Heroic Charge Heroic Charge will pull champions right back to where they moved from once the animation goes off.(you teleport back into poppy’s hands! Wtf?)
  • Poppy's Heroic Charge Heroic Charge will also sometimes fizzle out when a champion uses a flash type skill or teleport.
  • On hit abilities bug. (Devastating Blow Devastating Blow)
RammusSquare Rammus
  • Powerball Powerball does not move Rammus to the cursors location an will not move to hit a target you click on but instead will go to the area right outside where you clicked. ( try to powerball blue without being on top of if at the start)
RenektonSquare Renekton
RyzeSquare Ryze
  • N/A
ShacoSquare Shaco
  • N/A
ShenSquare Shen
  • N/A
SingedSquare Singed
  • Fling Fling sometimes Fizzles out.
  • Fling Fling will still fling targets that have flashed away or used a moving skill despite being way too far to be flung if the animation goes off. (same as poppy… Wtf he just flung me with a telekinetic boot!)
SionSquare Sion
  • N/A
SivirSquare Sivir
SonaSquare Sona
  • N/A
SorakaSquare Soraka
  • N/A
SwainSquare Swain
  • N/A
TaricSquare Taric
  • N/A
TeemoSquare Teemo
  • Noxious Traps are absorbing skillshots before stealthing but taking no damage.
TristanaSquare Tristana
  • N/A
TrundleSquare Trundle
  • Pillar of Filth Pillar of Filth... if pathing wasn’t bad enough this skill just compounds it further. Why on earth is there a skill in the game that takes advantage of the games terrible pathing? Not only does it make you champion run around like an idiot but it slows you too.
  • General terrain ability bug. (Pillar of Filth Pillar of Filth)
  • On hit abilities bug. (Rabid Bite rabid Bite)
TryndamereSquare Tryndamere
Twisted FateSquare Twisted Fate
TwitchSquare Twitch
  • Expunge Expunge doesn’t always clear deadly venom off the target.
UdyrSquare Udyr
  • Bear Stance Bear Stance can sometimes stun twice even though it hasn’t been 6 seconds. (might be due to cleansing effects)
  • Activating any stance the first time at level 1 yields no cool down, so you can activate the same stance again.
  • Udyr appears to have more than one set of recommended items depending on which team he is on.
  • On hit abilities bug. (lol)
UrgotSquare Urgot
VeigarSquare Veigar
  • Baleful Strike Baleful Strike sometimes doesn’t draw turret and minion agro when used on champions.
VladimirSquare Vladimir
  • Transfusion Transfusion often doesn’t draw turret and minion agro when used on champions.
WarwickSquare Warwick
Xin ZhaoSquare Xin Zhao
  • Three Talon Strike Three Talon Strike can be used two times in a row if Audacious Charge Audacious Charge is used after the second strike allowing for a double knockup. - This appears to be fixed
  • Audacious Charge Audacious Charge puts Xin right in the middle of most champions causing pathing errors and sometimes completely preventing enemy movement.
  • Audacious Charge Audacious Charge will cause champion abilites on his target to become greyed out and unusable as though they were silenced often.
  • General Knock-up bug. (Three Talon Strike Three Talon Strike) - Rare
  • On hit abilities bug. (Audacious Charge Audacious Charge)
ZileanSquare Zilean
  • Zilean's Time Bomb Time Bomb will sometimes do less damage if the target dies before the bomb goes off.
  • If Zilean double Time Bomb Time Bombs a target that would have died to the first bomb alone the bombs do triple damage. - I believe this was hotfixed already. - This was hotfixed.