I know I said I wouldn't do another one of these but honestly I'm kinda really bored and well I don't like Nidalee's state in season 3.

I suppose throwing a rework with little context as to why it should be done, even if its not by my design, doesn't do it much justice or convey a very well put argument. I have pros and cons but they probably just sound like general complains so here we go.

Nidalee isn't much of a competitive pick anymore, she's really become lackluster in many areas from mechanics to just whats in her kit, and the particular niche she used to fill has been invaded by much stronger flexible picks. The only thing that makes her good are her extremes but its also what makes her bad. It's almost always a struggle when playing Nidalee to overcome her negative extremes and take advantage of her positive extremes. I want to address common complaints from both sides of the playing field and make Nidalee a competitive pick that can be relied on in more than just a few odd comps but I still want her core gameplay to remain very similar. Common complaints range across the majority of Nidalee's kit and I want to address them all.

Many Players find that Nidalee Javelins deal too much damage or they are invisible and players of Nidalee had that they only raw single target damage while being slow and hard to land reliably. Completely reworking this skill into something similar yet different and unique aims to make it less powerful in the raw damage area but more powerful in usability and utility. This New Javelin Toss will be slightly easier to land and deal good damage for both AD and AP Nidalee. The AP ratio was moved to Nidalee basic attacks making her attacks deal magic damage based on a % of her AP which is also applied by Javelin Toss and scales with distance but at a very small amount. Various items will work with Javelin Toss like Lichbane, Rylais, or even frozen mallet. The skill will not do anywhere near the same damage but it will still be a good poke ability but with many new options available. I think adding in the sustained damage factor will actually allow Nidalee to play more aggressively and allow her to rely less on poke.

Bushwhack applies a massive reveal and shred debuff while having no limit on placement and being impervious to damage. Nidalee players hate that traps provide no CC, can be triggered by minions, apply delayed damage as a dot, and they can't actively take advantage of the shred it offers. In my changes I aim to make bushwhacks raw utility weaker but make the ability better overall and actually beneficial to her other skills. Making her shred weaker but a passive effect that ties into her active allows her to actively utilize the shred, while having the traps slow and reveal players that remain connected to the traps new leash mechanic makes them more useful for escapes and lining up skills.

Primal surge has gone through many changes but will always be the subject of nerfs because its not just lane sustain but sustain that can be shared among allies. Players hate that it provides Nidalee and her team mates so much sustain when she is going AP, while Nidalee players hate the high mana cost, low base, lack of anything for the attackspeed buff. I personally hate that applying the heal momentarily reduces your dps before increasing it and that most of Nidalee support abilities only effect single allies. I aim to address all of these by making the heal only heal Nidalee but buffing all allies attackspeed plus several other smaller changes to make the heal more flexible and changes to her other abilities to make the attackspeed meaningful in her kit.

Cougar form in general is lackluster and clunky and typically far overshadowed by Nidalee's human form. Players hate the mobility pounce offers but even more players hate how clunky and unresponsive it is, how squishy Nidalee is in melee(especially as AP), and how hard it can be for Nidalee to stick to a target. Many players want her to have her ult pre 6 but I am of the belief that no champion should have access to their ultimate pre 6 including Jayce and Elise. There are too many balance complications associated with giving them ults pre 6 and pre 6 should be a vulnerability for the champion where the ultimate really brings them together.

So a few of my changes to cougar were to lower her burst and make her damage a bit more sustained so that when she gets into melee range it isn't just obliterate someone hp and get a kill or burst them but not nearly hard enough and die because you have no damage other than burst. Lowering the base damage kind of demands that AD ratios be added but the main focus is at giving AP Nidaleee the high cut of damage scaling and some mitigation were put in to hel with taking some damage and sticking to targets and aiming her skills at intended targets.

Takedown is essentially the same skill only now it staggers enemies hit and has a small AP ratio that scales depending on how low hp is when takedown is active but passively does the same thing as Javelin Toss which is a % of AP as bonus magic damage on basic attacks. AD Nidalee does not benefit at all from the AP portions since they do not have a base value and only an AP ratio.

Pounce is commonly the fuel of peoples rage because Nidalee able to escape from many situations and its understandable why that would upset people but at the same time it is frustratingly easy to ruin a good Nidalee's ability to utilize this skill to its full potential and I want to address this factor without making the skill easier to run away with. I made changes to Prowl which seemingly help in making pounce a bit weaker for escapes but want to make it better for chasing enemies. The first change is that Pounce works like Broken wings in that Nidalee leaps in the direction she is facing normally but when a target is highlighted Nidalee will leap to that target instead(if you do not understand go play some riven and use her Q) allowing Nidalee to jump to targets much more reliably and no accidentally leap the wrong way or jump past the target instead of on them. Additionally pounce will gain a distance increase when an enemy is highlighted making it easier to stick to them but in exchange the base damage has been lowered and to keep the skill strong for AD Nidalee an AD ratio was added. Jumping walls and running away hasn't changed but chasing enemies and sticking to targets has.

Swipe is overall a very lackluster skill that just does damage in a cone and while the damage is currently high it has poor aiming mechanics and its just a huge burst skill on a melee that has hard time getting back out of melee once she gets in it. Really only a skill a Nidalee player would complain about. I added the same mechanics to swipe as pounce so Nidalee still swipes in front of herself but will additionally swipe enemies that are highlighted when available, I lowered the base damage significantly, added an AD ratio, increased the AP ratio and gave it a bonus with basic attacks. Basic attacks will now reduce the cooldown on Swipe and with the takedown passive Nidalee should have good sustained and reliable damage in melee form that is hard to avoid once she gets on you.

Aspect of the cougar only has a few minor changes aimed at Nidalee's agility and durability. She still gets 20 movespeed but ignores unit collisions and gains % damage reduction for a very short instance when changing forms. This should allow her to flow through units properly and not get trapped by minions due to her model shape.

The final change is to her Innate passive Prowl. The movepseed given is reduced by a third or more but gradually increases as Nidalee camps the brush. This allows Nidalee to wait in ambush and come out of brush after a series of waiting with a massive movespeed buff that allows her to catch up to enemies. Along with increasing her mobility it increases her agility by almost making her turn instantly when acquiring new directions or attack targets.

I look forward to feedback and love good feedback.


Rework Nidalee in such a way that preserves the core of how she plays and flows in combat while making her more efficient and reliable at doing it. The goal is to fill in many holes the champion has or at least make them smaller.

Note: The below assessment is a general assessment from me on both AP and AD Nidalee. Changes are made based on a combination of likes and dislikes about Nidalee based both on my personal thoughts and those of various groups in the community. Bias should be expected.

Common Problems and misconceptions:
  • Good Nidalees always Lands Javelins and bad Nidalees always Miss Javelins.
  • Conversely Good Players always dodge Javelins and Bad Players always get hit.


  • Javelins Can hit for up to 250% damage MAX range!!!
  • Javelins actually have a minimal damage and Don't always hit max range.


  • Javelins Do more damage than most ultimates.
  • Most ultimates aren't about doing damage but providing either a game changing event or rounding out a characters kit and theme.


  • Javelins do more damage than some characters spell rotations.
  • Conversely missing a Javelin is like whiffing an entire spell combo and especially so when it matters and needs to hit.


  • Javelins have a low cooldown so missing them isn't that big of a deal.
  • In the case of sieging its ok to miss Javelins but in the case of fights or getting kills missing them is devastating and most fights don't last but a few seconds.


  • Nidalee has Cougar form to follow up on Javelin Toss damage.
  • Unless you are hopping in her face after a max range Javelin She is either to far out of range to follow up on Javelin damage or her Javelins didn't do enough damage for cougar to make a difference.


  • Cougar Form has massive amounts of damage and hits really hard.
  • Cougar form requires the target to be at 50% or less on a squishy in order for it to be safe to go in for a kill and anything less likely ends up with the Nidalee losing the fight against anything other than a support with no damage.


  • Cougar Form has a % hp execute.
  • Cougar form does not have a % hp execute. Read the skill and do the math. The skill scales with how low your hp is but not off a % of your health scaling the same off a 50% hp squishy as it would on a 50% hp tanky champion.


  • Cougar Form can escape anything.
  • The mechanics of cougar form are very wonky as they are and typically most melee can easily keep up with Nidalee. Slows and blocking Nidalee pathing is the best way to catch her because her pounce becomes very unreliable when pathing is blocked and doesn't gain as much distance when she is slowed.


  • Good Nidalee players never fail with cougar form abilities and messing them up is the difference between a bad Nidalee and good one.
  • No matter if you are a good Nidalee or a bad one you have absolutely no control over Nidalee skills other than activating them when enemies and allies are interfering with your pathing. Her pounce and swipe both go in the direction she is facing so impeding her path keeps her from having any control over the direction of her skills. This can be used to juke her damage in melee as well.


  • Bushwhack shred and vision are too strong ad last too long.
  • The shred strength and duration are incredibly strong but in most cases no one is in a position to take advantage of it and on squishy targets flat shred is better than percent shred. The vision is not much longer than similar abilities.


  • Cougar form has 0 mana costs and Nidalee can charge tear with cougar abilities.
  • Human form abilities cost far too much mana to give cougar mana costs and cougar form abilities are very dangerous to use for combat and a unreliable in many instances plus tear is charged by both mana consumption and ability usage even if the ability doesn't use mana but the actual ability to transform with "R" does not charge tear.

  • No CC
  • hard to fit into a team outside of poke comps.
  • Clunky Controls in cougar.
  • Very low team fight presence.
  • Most of her damage is front loaded into Javelin Toss.
  • All her abilities have reliability issues.
  • She has bugs out the wazoo.
  • Her passive is only useful in areas with good brush layout brush access(mid lane has poor brush layout for her).
  • Half her kit is raw damage with 0 utility.
  • Little AOE damage to contribute to fights.
  • She is a hybrid with 0 Hybrid Scaling
  • weak early game(Unless top laner lacks gap closers and sustain)
  • weak late game(Unless obviously fed)
  • Poor item Synergy(Raw stats tend to be the best because of this)
  • The utility she does have is generally loaded heavily(bushwhack for instance).
  • Risk vs reward for using cougar as a damage source is too risky.
  • Risk Vs reward on human is either really high reward or no reward at all but for little risk.

  • Sustain
  • Mobility
  • Can pretty much build anything on her atm.
  • Strong Synergy with CDR.
  • Strong Split pusher
  • Poke comp allstar
  • hard to gank after level 6
  • Strong Jungle Control after 6
  • 2 high damage multipliers
  • Map control through traps
  • Strong debuffs on traps

  • Weaken Early game and late game poke.
  • Make her want to auto attack more and give her better synergy with Primal Surge.
  • Retain strong heals but remove ability to heal allies.
  • Increase her team fight presence.
  • Reward intelligent use of her skills.
  • Make her kit more flexible and capable of utilizing more stats effectively.
  • Promote aggressive and active play.

Remake 8

1 Growth 18 1 Growth 18
Health 380 (+90) Attack damage (+0)
Health regen. 5.0 (+0.6) Attack speed 0.672 (+3.22%)
Mana 220 (+45) Armor 13 (+3.5)
Mana regen. 7.0 (+0.5) Magic resist. 30 (+0)
Attack range 550 (125 - cougar) Mov. speed N/A

Nidalee, the Bestial Huntress is a champion of League of Legends.[1]


Prowling Predator

Moving through brush increases Nidalee's movement speed by 10% increasing by 2% every second and stacks 10 times for a maximum of 20%. The buff lasts for 2.5 seconds after leaving brush and taking damage reduces her passive by 2 stacks each hit. Additionally Nidalee's impressive agility allows her to quickly reposition to face enemies in the blink of an eye.

Enchanted Javelins
RANGE: 1500
COST: 60 / 65 / 70 / 75 / 80 mana
COOLDOWN: 10 / 9 / 8 / 7 / 6
Javelin Toss

Passive: Nidalee's basic attacks deal bonus magic damage equal to 30% of her ability power.

Active: Nidalee enchants her Javelin and tosses it as hard as she can, gaining damage but losing velocity as it travels. On impact the Javelin staggers the first enemy hit dealing physical damage plus bonus magic damage both scaling up to 200%.

The multiplier caps at 2.0.

  • Projectile Speed: 2000 - 1000
  • Applies Spell and on-hit effects

  • Minimum Physical Damage: 15 / 30 / 45 / 60 / 75 (+ 100% AD)
  • Minimum Magic Damage: (+ 30% AP)
  • Maximum Physical Damage: 30 / 60 / 90 / 120 / 150 (+ 200% AD)
  • Maximum Magic Damage: (+ 60% AP)

  • "AP scaling is based on her passive "on-hit effect"!"

Passive: Nidalee's basic attacks deal bonus magic damage equal to 30% of her ability power. Active: Upon activation Nidalee's next attack will attempt to bring her target down staggering the target and dealing physical damage and magic damage, which increases based on how low the targets hp is to a maximum of 300%.

  • Minimum Physical Damage: 40 / 70 / 100 (+ 100% AD)
  • Minimum Magic Damage: (+ 30% AP)
  • Maximum Physical Damage: 120 / 210 / 300 (+ 300% AD)
  • Maximum Magic Damage: (+ 90% AP)
  • "AP scaling is based on her passive "on-hit effect"!"
RANGE: 900
COST: 60 mana
COOLDOWN: 22 / 20 / 18 / 16 / 14

Passive: Nidalee's basic attacks and abilities reduce enemy Armor and Magic Resist that increases each time she lands an attack to a cap of 5 stacks. Lasts 5 seconds.

Active: Nidalee sets a poison laced trap that deals magic damage and latches onto the first enemy champion that steps on it tethering the target to the location. While tethered to a trap enemies are revealed and have their movement speed slowed for 5 seconds or until they exit the tether range.

Additionally enemies struck by traps receive maximum stacks of the armor and Magic Resist Shred.

  • Traps last for 4 minutes.
  • Can only tether 1 target and a tethered target cannot trigger another trap until the tether breaks
  • Radius of Activation AoE:250 (estimate)

  • Armor and Magic Resist reduction minimum: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5%
  • Armor and Magic Resist reduction maximum: 5 / 10 / 15 / 20 / 25%
  • Slow: 20 / 25 / 30 / 35 / 40%
  • Trigger Magic Damage: 60 / 90 / 120 / 150 / 180 (+ 40% AP)
RANGE: 300 (Gains +150 range when targeting an enemy)

Active: Nidalee lunges forward or at the nearest highlighted target, dealing magic damage to enemies around her landing area. Additionally highlighting a target increases the distance pounce can travel by 50%.

  • Magic Damage: 50 / 100 / 150 (+ 60% Bonus AD)(+ 40% AP)
  • Radius of AoE: 150 (estimate)
Primal Surge
RANGE: 600
COST: 60 / 70 / 80 / 90 / 100 mana
Primal Surge

Active: Nidalee heals herself and increases the attackspeed of nearby allies and herself for 7 seconds. Allies only receive half the bonus.

  • Radius: 600

  • Health restored: 40 / 70 / 100 / 130 / 160(+ 60% AP) (+ 10% of missing health)
  • Attack Speed: 20% / 30% / 40% / 50% / 60%
RANGE: 300 (estimate)

Active: Nidalee claws at enemies in a cone in front of her dealing magical damage. Additionally each time Nidalee lands a basic attack Swipe has its cooldown reduced by 1 second.

  • Magic Damage: 60 / 120 / 180 (+ 100% Bonus AD) (+ 70% AP)
  • Cone width: 180 degrees (estimate)
Aspect of the Cougar
Aspect of the Cougar

Toggle: Nidalee transforms herself into a cougar, and in the process gains a new set of abilities, the ability to ignore unit collisions, and 20 extra movement speed.

  • Nidalee loses 425 range while using this ability.
  • This move is usable when stunned, silenced and suppressed.
Passive: Each time Nidalee transforms she gains bonus damage reduction for 1 second

  • Damage reduction: 10 / 15 / 20%
Each additional rank increases the effectiveness of Nidalee's cougar abilities.


This is the culmination of all the other reworks. I like this one the most and it seem much more balanced than previous ideas. Most problems on this one can be simply solved by number tweaks.

Additional Utility:
  • Stagger means basically an interrupt equal to a 0.1 seconds stun.
  • a few abilities apply both on hit and ability effects and this is intended so Nidalee can utilize numerous items effects she previously didn't have access to. Item slows, spellvamp, lifesteal, etc.
  • The tethering effect on Bushwhack works similar to soul shackles minus the huge damage and stun. Hitting a trap will reveal and slow you until you break the tether or 5 seconds has elapsed.
  • Other skills have had their already present utility adjusted in various ways to either remove excessive power, make the ability more reliable, or both.

Prowl Changes:
  • Prowling Predator: This is a rework of Prowl that is aimed at both patient hunters and aggressive in your face play styles. Nidalee will not get the full effect of prowl upon simply entering brush and will have to wait in brush to get the old amount but longer waits will now yield much larger movement speed amounts. The result is it isn't as good for running away(still is good) but it is great if you are attempting to gank someone and you need to get on them quickly. You can wait in ambush and spring when the opportunity presents itself. The additional part is basically that Nidalee has next to 0 turn speed so she is able to quickly reposition her model when an enemy is behind her or after using abilities such as pounce.

Javelin Changes:
  • Javelin Toss has had its high poke damage vastly reduced in exchange for utility and reliability. Damage from Javelin Toss was moved to Nidalee basic attacks and the skill has been changed to physical, had its base damage and distance scaling reduced, and now staggers enemies and applies on-hit effects. Her basic attacks apply a percent of her ap as magic damage and since this is an on-hit effect it is applied by javelin Toss but this also scales with the distance of her Javelin toss. This means ap Nidalee still benefits greatly from Javelin Toss especially if she utilizes Lichbane and/or Nashors Tooth but this will be more of a late game ability rather than a early to mid game ability. AD Nidalee will rely on Javelin Toss or primal surge earlier for damage while AP Nidalee will now rely on Primal Surge plus Javelin Toss passive for damage instead of Javelin Toss only. Javelins will be easier to land close to mid range but harder once they reach max range due to projectile speed starting faster but decaying to a slower speed.

Bushwhack Changes:
  • Bushwack has been re-geared to work for Nidalee more than it did before but some of its power has been toned down to compensate. It has a flat mana cost, cooldowns per level, and Nidalee can now apply portions of the shred via basic attacks and abilities but the shred is much lower, lower base damage and the early cooldown is higher. The sight has been changed to work with a tehter effect and a slow has been added for even more utility but enemies can now only hit one trap at a time and cannot activate another while tethered. This will hopefully allow this ability to be a strong utility spell without it being ridiculous late game.

Primal Surge Changes:
  • Primal Surge has been regeared to fit Nidalee pushing power but it has had some utility removed. Nidalee can no longer heal allies but she buffs all nearby allies attackspeed and in exchange the attackspeed buff on herself is increased and mana cost reduced but allies only receive half her attackspeed. Additionally the heal has been decreased but scales off of 10% of Nidalee missing hp making it a strong spell if Nidalee goes AP or bruiser.

Aspect of the Cougar (R) Changes:
  • Aspect of the Cougar now ignores unit collisions due to Nidalee's poor interaction with unit collisions and the way her skills work. The armor and Magic resist was removed and instead replaced with a very short duration defensive buff that gives Nidalee momentary damage reduction. This is meant to reward Nidalee players that can stance dance to fully utilize Nidalee kit.

Takedown Changes:
  • Takedown has received similar treatment as Javelin Toss and carries the same passive effect which scales with % of missing hp instead of distance with takedown.

Pounce and Swipe changes:
  • Pounce and swipe have had hybrid ratios added and now auto target nearby highlighted enemies or go straight ahead when no target is designated. This is meant to improve usability and give more options to Nidalee players. Additionally swipe and pounce had their base damage reduced in order to include the new ad ratios plus swipe now receives a reduction inits cooldown everytime nidalee lands a basic attack.

Change Log 8:

Base Stats:

  • Base HP increased from 370 to 380
  • Attack damage per level reduced from 3.5 to 3.0
  • Base Attack Range increased from 525 to 550


  • Reworked into Prowling Predator!
  • Bonus movement speed given reduced to 10% from 15%
  • Now gains 2% movementspeed every second while in brush to a cap of 10% additional movement speed(total 20%)
  • Nidalee turn speed has been significantly reduced and there is a new animation for when she turns to face enemies more than 45 degrees away from her current position..

Javelin Toss: (Active)

  • Reworked!
  • Base Damage Reduced from 55/95/140/185/230 to 15/30/45/60/75
  • Mana cost increased to 80 from 50/60/70/80/90
  • Cooldown increased to 10/9/8/7/6 seconds from 6 seconds
  • Projectile speed increased to 2000 decaying down to 1000 from 1300 flat
  • Now Applies Spell and On-it Effects.
  • Damage type changed from magical to physical.
  • Damage Multiplier reduced to 200% from 250%.
  • Takedown cannot be applied by Javelin Toss.

Javelin Toss: (Passive)

  • Nidalee's basic attacks deal bonus magic damage equal to 30% of her AP.
  • Effectively deals up to 60% of AP as Bonus Magic damage on Max range Javelin Toss.

Bushwhack: (Active)

  • Reworked!
  • Base Damage reduced from 80/125/170/215/260 to 60/90/120/150/180
  • Mana Cost Reduced from 60/75/90/105/120 to 60 at all ranks
  • Cooldown changed from 18 seconds to 22/20/18/16/14 seconds.
  • Reveal duration changed to 5 seconds or until the target leaves tether range.
  • Now slows enemies by 20/25/30/35/40% for 5 seconds or while tethered.
  • Armor and Magic Resist Shred reduce from 20/25/30/35/40% to 25%.
  • Shred is now part of a passive effect.
  • Traps no longer deal damage over time but cannot damage a target that is currently tethered to another trap.
  • Traps no longer trigger on minions.

Bushwhack: (Passive)

  • Nidalee's basic attacks and abilities now apply the Armor and Magic Resist shred at 1/2/3/4/5% that stacks up to 25% for 5 seconds.
  • If an enemy triggers a trap they instantly receive max stacks.

Primal Surge:

  • Base Heal increased from 50/85/120/155/190 to 40/70/100/130/160
  • AP ratio reduced from 0.7 to 0.6
  • Now restores hp equal to 10% of missing hp.
  • Primal Surge is no longer a targetable ability and instead buffs nearby allies by half the amount of the atackspeed given.
  • Mana cost reduced from 60/80/100/120/140 to 60/70/80/90/100

Aspect of the Cougar:

  • Now grants 10/15/20% damage reduction for 1 second every time Nidalee transforms.
  • Nidalee ignores unit collisions while in Cougar.
  • All Human passive effects carry over to Cougar.
  • Nidalee can switch forms while Stunned, Silenced, and Suppressed.


  • AP passive from Javelin Toss scales with Takedown to a maximum of 90%.


  • Nidalee now leaps directly at targets highlighted by the cursor.
  • Now has a Bonus AD ratio of 60%.
  • Base Damage reduced from 125/175/225 to 50/100/150
  • Cooldown increased to 4 seconds from 3.5 seconds.


  • Base damage reduced from 150/225/300 to 60/120/180
  • AP ratio increased from 60% to 70%
  • Now has a Bonus AD ratio of 100%
  • The cooldown is now decreased every time Nidalee lands a basic attack or ability.

Additional Substitute Ideas:

  • Prowling Predator(Prowl) gains speed based on % of enemies missing hp. The lower the targets hp the faster Nidalee moves but only when chasing. Enemies that take damage from Nidalee also leave a trail of blood giving vision of them when Nidalee is on the trail.(Trap vision would be removed with this idea)
  • Prowling Predator(Prowl) loses stacks on taking damage.
  • Prowling predator innately gives Nidalee a new turn animation and essentially removes her turn speed.
  • Aspect of the Cougar reduces damage from a single attack rather than all damage in a single instance.
  • Javelin Toss and Takedown passive don't scale with the active but the base % of ap scaling is increased(40% instead of 30%).
  • Isolation damage and speed bonuses? Basically something akin to Kha'Zix since a cougar is a predatory animal that wants to attack isolated targets.
  • Massive changes to bushwhack and its mechanics. Bushwhack tethers to single targets that step on them and slows them until they move out of tether range. Targets are either revealed while tethered or they are revealed for a longer duration but only when Nidalee is within a certain range and this range is determined by a flat amount plus a percent increase based on how low the targets hp is. The shred remains as a stacking % shred as a passive that is fully applied when a trap is set off. traps have a lower cooldown and mana cost and deal less damage allowing them to be placed around an area and offer zone control. Targets cannot set off additional traps while tethered.
  • Takedown no longer gives a base damage of 40/70/100 but instead passively increases her total AD while in cougar form by 10/17.5/25% and doubles while takedown is active for a total of 20/35/50%.
  • Cougar form damage is based on a combination of ranks in basic abilities and cougar form. For Example: Current swipe scales off of R rank only at 150/225/300. This change would result in this R gives 50/100/150 and E gives 30/60/90/120/150 for a total of 300. (can be applied to Jayce and Elise.
  • Removing the burst heal component from Primal Surge and making it a damage based sustain like lifesteal and spellvamp.
  • Lower damage, cooldown, vision duration, and mana costs on traps significantly plus removing the DOT component to allow players to lay hug trap minefields that deal small damage when hitting them but huge damage when hitting many of them.
  • Removing current damage and resist shred from traps and making them deal a percent of max hp as true damage over time(Traps only - no passive effects).
  • Cougar passive damage reduction while in motion rather than when swapping forms.

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