As much as we all love the current skins, don't u guys feel like riot could do more to develop some uniqueness with each skin, sort of like it's own personality. Lets take caitlyn for an example: Her skins are pretty much all in one direction, sheriff, officer, resistance, warfare caitlyn... whats next? SWAT caitlyn? riot pls.. imagine a bad, much darker and sinister caitlyn that cares nothing about good and innocent. Sure you can say that it doesnt fit with her lore, but have u recently noticed how little the lore really has any effect on the game? Now u can choose to play good cait or bad cait, wouldn't that be something.

What drives a person to buy a skin is it's uniqueness, something that could transform your champion from ordinary to something a little supernatural.. Think Pulsefire EZ, looks a lot like frieza doesnt it, but subcontiously you're screaming for joy when you see your champ "evolved" in-game. Here's a teaser: Imgaine a Pulsefire Kayle skin, or as i'd like to call it Ascended Kayle, starts off with small dull wings, lvl 6 u get bigger and so on.. u get my point.. at lvl 16 you have a skin that looks much like Diablo's Tyrael skin, and it matches her late game power.

I like the new skins, but sometimes it feels like they make skins because they seemed like a good idea, and sometimes it feels like they are rushed to bring new skins with limited deadlines or whatever.. Here's one of my fav skins and what i'd like it to do:

Firefang Warwick - lets intensify those flames as we get stronger?

  • Q- can i have some fire splash please?
  • E- maybe fire dripping when activated
  • R- intense flames as i overwhelm my opponent. ( See it's all just visual stuff and not gameplay.. cant be that difficult )

So what do u guys think? worth a shout out to riot to put some personality in our beleved skins?