New Project: Ability Detail Pages

This Project could solve some doubts regarding the way the abilities work like: Does this abilitygrants visibility? Does it hit invisible characters? How is this ability targeted?

This is a community-based project that will need our editors to work together, post doubts, try to solve it and gather images by playing custom games. We will work by reviewing every 2 weeks a different set of characters; I will create a blog with the characters to review. Contributors will post any questions or doubts, and everyone will help fill out the new Ability Detail Page that we will create for each champion on the set of that period.

Sample page (without the information)

Phase 1

After the set has been released on patch day: Amumu, Annie, Anivia, Ashe, Jarvan IV (week 1)

We create the Ability Detail Page for each of them and link them from the Character Page. The Ability Detail Page will have the small table used for each individual ability on the character page.

Phase 2

We collect all the questions and data needed we would need to add to the page, and post them if we have them, on the blog or on the forums (I will create an entire forum dedicated to this)

Phase 3

Under each ability we list all of its mechanic uses, its counters, what does it do and what it doesn't that could be expected to do. We will also add .gif images but you don't have to worry about that, as I will take care of them.

Phase 4

After some weeks of doing this, we shall improve them all, but right now we are going to get the idea done.

We won’t start yet, we still have to do a couple of templates and perfect the idea. Use this blog to comment on the project, and please also post all the questions related to the 5 champions I posted (Amumu, Annie, Anivia, Ashe, Jarvan IV)