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Even tho we started the project two weeks ago, there was no guidelines and the templtes weren't finished yet. So we are going to restart it today.

For the following two weeks we will be obtaining information on the abilities of the next 7 champions:

  • {{cadi|Amumu}}
  • {{cadi|Anivia}}
  • {{cadi|Annie}}
  • {{cadi|Ashe}}
  • {{cadi|Jarvan IV}}
  • {{cadi|Nocturne}}
  • {{cadi|Sona}}

Champion Pages

There is a link on the notes section of each of this champion's main page that least to the page used for the project. Here is alink to Jarvan's page, the sample one: [[Jarvan IV The Exemplar of Demacia/Ability Details]]

Gif Animations

I will be taking care of obtaining the footage for the Gif Animations. If you want to help me obtain them, add me in-game and ask whenever I am online if I have time to get the videos.

Apart from this, don't worry about the gif images. Also while we obtain them, there will be red links on the pages, just ignore them.

Questions to answer

There are some standard questions that need to be answered and put on the pages, there are also some more specific questions according to the ability that you could post on the comments below the champion AD page.

Standard Questions

  • Does the ability deal Magical or Physical Damage? (Physical means it is reduced by armor and benefits from Armor Reduction, the opposite holds true, there is no need to add this.)
  • Does it proc Lifesteal or Spell Vamp?
  • Does it proc Rilay's, if yes by how much, 15% or 35%?
  • Does it proc On-hit Effects?
  • Does it pop Ability Shields?
  • Is it channeled?
  • Is it targeted, skillshot, area based?
  • Does it hit invisible characters?
  • Others...
  • You can also add here known bugs.

Where do I add this information

You will be able to edit the page like any other page, be aware that the area to edit is the one that has this text: "|###info2 =".

Thanks for reading, and thanks in advance for your participation on this project.