The Ability Details Project was, I believe, a success; it shows all relevant information about the specifics of each champion, it is just lacking community imput. Remember, if you want to help speed up the process of the project, ASK questions on the respective Ability Details Page, and also answer them.

Last batch we had 7 champions of which we obtained the GIF animations, and we fully finished the descriptions of three champions. You can still help getting the descriptions and specifications of the rest.

Champion Batch 1


  • {{cadi|Amumu}}
  • {{cadi|Annie}}
  • {{cadi|Sona}}
  • {{cadi|Anivia}}
  • {{cadi|Ashe}}


  • {{cadi|Jarvan IV}}
  • {{cadi|Nocturne}}

Champion Batch 2

The champions for the period of April 1st to April 15th have been decided. The batch will be called (informally) "Ninja Bots" and will include the following champions.

  • {{cadi|Lee Sin}}
  • {{cadi|Akali}}
  • {{cadi|Kennen}}
  • {{cadi|Shen}}
  • {{cadi|Blitzcrank}}

How to access the Ability Details Page of each champion.

There will be a link to the Ability Details as a Tab between "Champions" and "Background" on the champion page of the champions that have already been selected, but it won't appear until the basic layout of the page is finished. Alternatively, you can look for "Sona AD" or "Lee Sin AD" on the search function, and it will automatically redirect you to that page. To create links to the champion AD page you can use the CADI template: {{cadi|Blitzcrank}}.

Questions to answer

There are some standard questions that need to be answered and put on the pages, there are also some more specific questions according to the ability that you could post on the comments below the champion AD page.

Standard Questions

  • Does it proc Lifesteal or Spell Vamp? 100 or 33% of Spell Vamp?
  • Does it proc Rilay's, if yes by how much, 15% or 35%?
  • Does it proc On-hit Effects?
  • Does it pop spell Shields?
  • Is it channeled?
  • Is it targeted, skillshot, area based?
  • Does it hit invisible characters?
  • Others...
  • You can also add there known bugs.

Thanks for reading, and thanks in advance for your participation on this project.