A new user, Silvoss, has volunteered to add the Chinese Artwork of the Skins to the Wiki, and has begun adding them to the Skins/Trivia page (go to Janna/Skins to see his work)

Right now it's undecided if we should keep adding these images, and if we should add them below their American counterparts. If you have an idea on how we could present it, please comment on it. Also comment if you want the work to keep going or if you want the Chinese artwork removed completely.

You have until February 20th to speak up, or when one option gets 2/3 of the votes once they are more than 10. And I will reach a decision on what we should do then.

=It's decided

A)Keep them in Skins Page, second gallery (11+(2/2))
  • Methyl Orange
  • Anon 3
  • Snowdrake
  • Anon 1
  • Hval91
  • KaxMx
  • Cidem1324
  • Anon 5
  • Anon 6
  • Anon 8
  • Anon 9
B)Keep them in Skins Page, same gallery (2+(1/2)
  • Fadaratah
  • Anon 2
Oppose This
  • Sam 3010
  • NeonSpotlight
  • Anon 6
C)Keep them, but make a different page (5+(1/2)
  • Texas Snyper
  • Mr Lovely
  • KungMing2
  • NeonSpotlight
  • Anon 7
Half Votes
  • Anon 4 (A, B)
  • Sagee Prime (A, C)