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User blog:Sam 3010/Featured Champion Voting is Back!!!!


Featured Champion Voting is Back!!!!

Sam 3010 October 25, 2010 User blog:Sam 3010

Hello people!!

I noticed that Zilean has been here forever... well, not really, I've been her for a couple weeks only. But still I noticed that the Featured Champion System had been unused for a long time.

And so, thanks to the support of KazMz, I hereby announce the return of the Featured Champion Votion (Version 2).

Now we will use one week to nominate champions, and a second week to vote for one of the 3 to 5 champions chosen. The winner will spend 2 weeks in the front page making fun of the other champions who didn't get to be there.

You can go and read the information on how to nominate and vote by going here. And you can start the selection here.


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