I have been trying something for the AD project, i want to have .gif images showing the abilities of champions. It is a process.

  • You have to record the video.
  • You have to crop and trim the video.
  • Then format it into a .gif.

Sounds simple huh? That is what I tought at first, but my computer seems to have enter a midlife crisis.

After a whole week trying to find a free software to record my matches, I had to use a cracked version of FRAPS. The first try using it resulted in a video of 3 mins and 3 GB in size. I wasted 3 hours trying to use my tools to do the other steps but the file was too big creating more problems.

Then I recorded again with different settings and got a 9 seconds video with a 93 MB size. Easier to handle yes, so I continued to the next part.

I tried Windows Movie Maker first, the damn thing didn't even got included on my PC, so I had to download it, but it never works; after clicking on its icon an error message pops out. A frigging error message with nothig but "ERROR" as content. And I have downloaded from 7 different sources now.

I also tried Vegas Pro 9, which I used to get a pretty succesful movie trailer, and by that I mean I got a 10 (an "A" for you americans) on my PC class. But it seems it doesn't allow cracks or keygens to even run. I mean RUN.

I am stuck on that part, I cannot crop it or trim it.

This is madness!!! This sort of software doomsday happens every 3 months and just makes me go insane. Kill me, kill me now!!

EDIT: Wooot, I have been able to overcome the second step permanently. Now I am fighting against the internet to find a good video to .gif converter.