Hello, LoL Wiki Editors, today I bring you a manual of use for our newest template, Template:Skin gallery item, created by Zelgadis87, our Resident Code Monkey.

This template will be used on all skins pages on the normal (not chinese) galleries. This template will let you add the date it was added, the cost in RP, and a link to the LoL Zone Skin Viewer: Example

This is an example of the wiki code and the final result:

<gallery type="slideshow" position="center" widths="600" crop="true">
Akali OriginalSkin.jpg|{{Sg|Classic skin|akali|11-May-2010}}
Akali CrimsonSkin.jpg|{{Sg|Crimson Akali|akali_red|520 {{RP}}|11-May-2010}}
Akali StingerSkin.jpg|{{Sg|Stinger Akali|akali_yellow|520 {{RP}}|11-May-2010}}
Akali All-StarSkin.jpg|{{Sg|All-Star Akali|akali_soccer|<s>975</s> {{RP}} (Limited Edition)|28-Jun-2010}}
Akali NurseSkin.jpg|{{Sg|Nurse Akali|akali_nurse|975 {{RP}}|04-Jan-2011}}
  • 11-May-2010 Skingallerybutton
  • 520 RP icon Riot Points Skingallerybutton
  • 520 RP icon Riot Points Skingallerybutton
  • 975 RP icon Riot Points (Limited Edition) Skingallerybutton
  • 975 RP icon Riot Points Skingallerybutton


The gallery code and the file names will remain as they are now, but you will change the text that is next to the "|" and write the template: {{sg|<<Skin name>>|<<3D model name>>|<<Price>>|<<Release date>>}}.


Akali_All-StarSkin.jpg|{{sg|All-Star Akali|akali_soccer|<s>975</s> {{RP}} (Limited Edition)|28-Jun-2010}}

sg = the name of the template

All-Star Akali = the skin name (use "Classic skin" if it is the default skin that comes when you buy a champion)

akali_soccer = this is the parameter that specifies which model to load on the the LoL Zone Skin Viewer. Go to that page, load the model associated with the skin, then copy from the URL the part after the "#". For All-Star Akali, the url would be http://lol.zone.gamebase.com.tw/zone/lol/skin_view/akali_soccer#akali_soccer, so the right parameter to use is akali_soccer. This is important, since inserting any other value will load the wrong model.

975 RP icon Riot Points = this is the current cost of the skin. If the skin is no longer available to buy with Riot Points like in the example, you must strikethrough it by using "<s>number</s>". This area will be ignored on the original skin.

28-Jun-2010 = The date the skin/champion was added. Use the format "dd-mmm-yyyy" (with the month abbreviated with 3 letters).

You can get all of this information on the following page: Skins

You can go through all the skins&trivia pages to edit the gallery and add the template.