Well, over this past two months we have had a number of projects, everyday we keep improving our wiki, adding new information and finding new ways to show it.

On these two months we have relied on the Community Messages and Community Blogs to convey the ideas and messages that we wanted.

Community Messages is a one-way "broadcast" channel, only I can write on it. It's similar with the Blogs, only one person gives the idea, using the comments as feedback for that person. The talk pages are also only used to communicate between two editors.

What we are right now trying to do is find a way for everyone on the wiki to communicate as a group, to receive feedback in an easier, faster way.

One thing we could use are the LoL Wikia forums, an area in the wiki that has been forgotten long before I joined the wiki. We could organize it in a way that resembles, well... forums. Please comment on ways you would implement the forums, and ideas in general to make it better. If this idea is approved, I will appoint a Project Leader to take care of this Forum Renovation Project.

A second way I would specially enjoy is to have a chat for the wiki. I am not exactly sure how these works and what would to be implemented to be easy to use. We would be looking for a chat application, where the identity theft is completely avoidable (this means IRC chat is not eligible), and we need to find a way for it to be easily accesible from the wiki so even new contributors will join.

Let's keep building our community! Give more ideas, help us!