Let me explain: I was playing standard Ranked to get my promos over (4 wins, 5 losses, I am not proud). Everything was going fine, got my slot as Support, all was hunky-dory.

Then this top pick decides to grab Jhin, the FOTM champ right now. Of course our 1st ban immediately dropped the ban hammer on that, since people have been sucking with Jhin since he's new and no one really knows how to play him (this is in Bronze).

The former-Jhin gets his switch flipped all the way to super-mad, ranting and raving at our 1st ban. Then they both started arguing, and IT. DIDN'T. LET. UP. It got so bad they started posting each other's accounts on lolking and such, trying to prove the other as bad players and all.

As soon as my pick came, I dodged right out of there. I wasn't going to lose a game where my jungler wouldn't gank because he hated my ADC or every lane would celebrate when my ADC inevitably fed first blood because someone rustled his jimmies. 

Of course I got penalized, only for 5 minutes because I typically don't dodge, but thats what got me. I had the choice of getting penalized for leaving or suffering through a sure-fire loss because two idiots couldn't stop arguing and were too busy typing their superifical argument. I'm not saying we need to get rid of the dodge penalty, as that could lead to some heavy abuse, but something needs to be done.

What if we could kick people from lobbies like some other multiplayer games? If some player is obviously trolling or raging, we make a vote where, say, 3 people's votes would boot him out and the remaining others would go back into matchmaking? Also, make it so getting booted from the lobby would leave a mark on the player for the Tribunal to consider if their case escalates. Now obviously this system has the potential for abuse (people preying on off-meta picks, general jerkery, etc) but I'm just sick of being held between a rock and a hard place because the average-LoL player decides to throw a fit. 

And yes, I am aware Sky Williams did a video of this. I just needed to rant because I was so frustrated with those two.