• Sandthief

    Erikka, the Rune Thief.

    Nothing concrete... not familiar with the entire lore, so I wouldn't want to try anything too ambitious. Maybe some other time.
    But, basically? She's Ezreal's arch-nemesis, from way back while he was just an apprentice. They had a few run-ins during their numerous expeditions, usually fighting over one artifact or another, or it's intended... destination. She is drawn to magic, in all of it's forms (liiiike runes).
    Her reasons for joining the League are largery a mystery (!!!). Seeing as how she's a world renowned thief, she's allowed to participate in hopes of the authorities keeping tabs on her.
    She's not exactly evil, but she no saint either IF YO NO WHATIMMASAYIN. Basically, a Chaotic Neutral chick.


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