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New Champion Concept: Amosphet, The Raging Bastion

Amosphet is a tanky bruiser who specialize in having revenge on enemies, trapping and then finishing them

These are His moves

Passive/ Sense of Justice: Everytime a nearby ally unit (champs or minions) takes damage, Amosphet gains 5 Fury. Everytime a nearby ally unit dies, Amosphet gains 10 Fury. Each 5 Fury he has he gains 2/3/4 Armor

Q/ Reckless Cherge: Amosphet moves forward on a skillshot dealing phisical damage and knocking airborne everyone he strikes for 0,5 seconds

W/ Cage of Sentences: Channelling his powers Amosphet marks an area, than after a brief delay appear a cage that traps everyone that is in and deals magic damage over time.

E/ Siege Punch: From Amosphet's shield comes out a punch that deals phisical damage and knocks enemies back. If they collide with terrain (also Cage of Sentences walls) after being knocked back, they are stunned for 1 secon</span>

R/ Rain of Vengeance: Amosphet shields himself for the duration of the spell. For the duration of the spell his passive is neutralized. Near him Amosphet summons a rain of incandescent drops of fire that deals magic damage. Each drop consumes 2 Fury. Clicking another time this spell, the rain endes and nearby enemies are knocked back.

I hope you like this champion concept... See Ya

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