Hello. this is my Item suggestions blog. i hope you like them ideas. if you do feel free to leave a comment

For AD Tanks:

-The Mighty Glove

+60 Armor

+30 Attack Damage

+10% cooldown reduction

Passive:Awe-gain Attack damage based on 3% of your maximum health, 15% of damage dealt is refunded to health

UNIQUE Active- Perseverance- Grants 120-700(based on level) maximum HP and 200% base health regen for 10 seconds


Builds from:glacial shroud. Long Sword.+1250

For AP Tanks:

-Scroll of Justice

+40 Ability Power

+300 Health

+30 Armor

UNIQUE Passive-Siphon:killing a unit grants 0.5 health and ability power, stacks up to 50 times(max 25 health and AP)

UNIQUE Passive-Reaping-Killing a champion permanently grants 5% max health and Ability power{max.60. min. 10)

Cost: 3000 Built from:Seeker's Armguard+Chain armor+1000

For Both Aps and Ads

-Bow of Avarossa

-50% Attack Speed

+50 Attack Damage

+30 Ability power

UNIQUE Passive-gain increasingly more attack speed from attack damage provided by other sources(Max 30% attack speed per 50 attack damage)

UNIQUE Passive- Hyper: your attack speed cap is increased to 3.0

Cost:4500 Built from-Nashor's tooth+B.F Sword

That's it for now.