Both born from a small village in the south. At young age felt sincere love for each other. But when the war started, their village became a part of the battlefield. The village was attacked and they see everything precious to them taken away by the flames of war their families and friend. During the attack both see each other in the chaos and together decided to escape to safer places which leads them to a near forest. After their escape Robe is suffers from an intense fever. They camped near a river to rest. Caspid left Robe telling her that he will look for food and herbs to treat their wounds and her fever, Robe ask Caspid not to leave. Caspid gave his pendant (which is the remaining memory of Caspid’s family) so that Robe won’t feel alone Robe, She accepted the pendant and hold it very hard and in return gives Caspid a bright smile. On his searched he wandered too far from Robe when a nearby passing Noxus soldier saw Robe and decided to take her to be treated immediately. As Caspid returns he saw that Robe is missing and panicked looking for her everywhere wandering around the forest crying and then he suddenly passed out due to his hunger and tiredness. As Caspid opens his eyes he was inside a tent with soldiers treated by the healer, he asked what happened to him, where he is and if they saw Robe. The soldier answered that he was saved by an Ionian soldier whom treated his wounds but did not saw anyone in the forest. As time passes both of them were adopted by a families of soldier serving both army of Noxus and Ionia. But neither forgot each other. Caspid learned the Ionian art of swordsmanship while Robe learned the Noxus art of Magic.

By the time they are considered as prepared soldier of both armies they engaged to their battles. Fighting enemies, seeing allies fall, and felt pain and sorrow. They gain anger and urge to defeat all enemies they saw. At a battle where without knowing whom they will be facing. At the moment nearly both armies are to be wiped out they noticed that only the two of them remained standing. Caspid charges into Robe swinging his blade to her and she fights back by unleashing spells to attack Caspid. But Caspid dodges and pointed his blade at Robes neck giving her the chance to say her farewells. Robe accepted that it was her end and spoke “please after you kill me keep the pendant on my neck and if ever he is still alive give it to a man named Caspid and tell him how much I love him”. Caspid then throws his sword away and hugged Robe. Robe in surprise felt the warmth of love in the enemies arm and then hear the cry. Robe then looked at the soldiers face and every memories of Caspid flashes into her mind. Both cried and then decided to never leave each other and run away from the war. As they travel away from war on their journey they saw a cave and then decided to rest inside. They wandered deeper the cave that leads to a hidden altar in which a Golden Sun and Shadow coloured swords rest in the middle of altar. Caspid hold the Golden while Robe holds the black sword. The swords glow engulfed them in a sphere of light and shadow. After few moments Caspid was standing alone notices that Robe is missing in the altar he looks for Robe shouting but did not saw her until he heard the voice of Robe inside his head. Wandering he saw robes face as his reflection on the golden sword he holds. He then touches the reflection and unknowingly swapped places with Robe. And then Robe repeated the action by holding the Shadow coloured sword and switched place with Caspid. Both felt cursed. Then Robe told Caspid about her knowledge of the League Casped went into the institute of war. Explained their situation to the peoples of the League they learned the legend of the two cursed sword which Split’s the humanity of its lone holder into good and bad personas which leads the bad to kill the good and ends to the vanishing of its beholder. Because they hold both swords separately the effect changes and forged them as a lone being giving them the ability to swap places with each other in the dimension the swords created for them. The Institute then invites them to be a part of the League while Institute search for a way to return them into their former selves.

"We will once again be able to hold each other’s hand and find the freedom we seek." - Caspid & Robe

1 Growth 18 1 Growth 18
Health (+0) Attack damage (+0)
Health regen. (+0) Attack speed (+0%)
Mana (+0) Armor (+0)
Mana regen.   (+0) Magic resist. (+0)
Attack range N/A Mov. speed N/A

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Patch Unknown
Quickness mastery 2011.png
Quickness mastery 2011
(Innate): Whenever Caspid and Robe switches, they gain bonus Movement and Attack speed for 5 seconds.
When the game Starts you will play as Caspid and can only summon Robe by the use of switch.
Ability Description Leveling up
(Passive): When Switched stops the cooldown of used skills before switching. Basic attack reduces the cooldown by of the used skills by 1 second.
(Active): Swaps characters and deals damage to nearby enemies around them on a small AOE. After switching, the skill set of character change.

(Unison Raid): Swing a blade of light and shadow around them which dealing damage to all enemies with larger AOE.

Switching : Passive Explanation .
  • If Robe cast her W-ability and then Switches to Caspid her W-abilities cooldown will stop but Caspidcan cast his W-ability and if ever quickly switches to Robe her W-ability cooldown resumes and vice versa.

Switching : Active Explanation

  • It can be cast while moving. (Making it like damaging skill while moving).</li>
  • When received Crowd Control cannot switch.

(Except slow, Poison and blind but even if switched still they will still receive the CC until the end of its egduration)

Bright Smash (Caspid)
(Active): Charges next basic attack to deal bonus damage and stuns the targeted enemy for 2 seconds. (Reset attack timer and applies on-hit effects).
Shadow Snare (Robe)
(Active): Flings a Chain of Shadow which snares the first enemy unit it hits dealing magic damage.(Snare lasts for 2 seconds)

(Unison Raid): Flings a shadow chain and at the end explodes a light damaging,stuns and reveal all enemy that are hit for 1.5 seconds.

Light Blade (Caspid) / Shadow Blade (Robe)
(Active): Shoots a Light/Dark blade projectile on the cursor position dealing damage and marks the champion it hits allowing a successive hit on its alternate skill.(Marks last for 5 Seconds)

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Reduces damage dealt by 10% for each unit it passed through and Combined damage from both former E-Ability
Unison Raid
(Active): After a short delay summons both self into the battlefield. Making them a 2 targetable unit which can receive damage whoever is attacked. Enhances other abilities and by double casting the R-ability a second time enables you to cast Cross Finale to a single target.
Cross Finale
(Active): Performs a final attack which suppresses the targeted enemy champion for 1.5 seconds and then they dashes in X formation damaging the enemy champion and leaving an X mark on the ground. Becomes untargetable when performing. (Split duration is 10 seconds)

They will not be moved away from each other which most likely to be together.

  • When split into two. If one unit is marked and then the enemy attacks the other unit which is not marked, marks are not triggered.

Example: When Le Blanc uses her Q-ability to mark Caspid and then uses her mimicked spell to Robe. The sigil is not activated. But if she focus on targeting Caspid the sigil is triggered.

  • Both of them will do physical damage for each basic attack.

(2 attacks, attack damage will be done by them)

  • “Both will also receive damage when attacked.”
  • Both will share only one health and Mana bar.
  • Both will have the stat of Physical Damage / Attack Speed / Armor / Magic Resist / Regeneration.
  • Who ever casted the R-ability will be attacking first.


Skills / Spells / Ultimate which has a
  • Bouncing Effect

Both will receive the bounce and damage when hit. Example: Sivir’s Ricochet , Brand’s Pyroclasm, Katarina’s Bouncing Blade, Mordekaiser’s Mace of Spades, Evelyn’s Hate Spike, Fiddlestick’s Dark Wind, Master Yi’s Alpha Strike, Miss Fortune’s Double Up, Ryze’s Spell Flux etc.

  • Global and Large/Cone AOE, Multi target, Wide Range, Instant Kill and Line skill shots will deal single damage whoever is hit first. Most likely because they are sharing only one health bar.

(This is to avoid being easily wiped out due to “Split Mechanic’s” will make you vulnerable to multiple targeting skills.)

  • Global: Karthus’s Requiem
  • Large AoE: Fiddlestick’s Crowstorm, Zigg’s Mega Ingerno Bomb,
  • Cone AoE: Cassiopeia’s Stone Gaze, Miss Fortune’s Bullet Time
  • Multi Target: Ahri’s Spirit Rush, Katarina’s Death Lotus
  • Wide Range: Orriana’s Command:Shockwave, Annie’s Summon Tibbers
  • Instant Kill: Darius’s Noxian Guillotine, Riven’s Wind Slash
  • Line Skill Shot: Ezreal’s Trueshot Barrage, Lux’s Finales Funkeln
  • Mordekaiser and Yorick’s Ultimate will summon only one spirit which is active before they die. But can summon both if they die during the split activation.


Heal / Clarity / Surge / Ignite / Exhaust / Flash / Teleport / Ghost / Cleanse / Buffs Zhonyas Hourglass / Guardian Angel /Quick Silver Sash / Locket of Iron Solari / Abyssal Sceptre / Frozen Heart / Randuin’s Omen / Banshee’s Veil / Hextech Gunblade / Zeke’s Herald / Aegis of Legion / Bilge Water Cutlass / Malmorthiu’s & Hexdrinker Shield / Will Of Ancients / Hextech Revolver ect.

  • Will affect both units.
  • On hit effect items or auto attack skill items will take effect on both basic attacks.
  • The bloodthirster / Wit’s End / Void Spark / The Black Cleaver / Frozen Mallet / Malady / Madred’s Bloodrazor / Madred’s Razor / The Brutalizer etc.
  • Lichbane & Sheen will only take to one attack during split.

Visual Suggestion

When switching I would like to see Caspid like floats and rotate while Robe descends to swap places and then a swing a blade of light and shadow for the damage part and vice versa.

  • While casting to split, He/she stops and creates a mark or symbol under him/her then summons a silhouette turning into whoever is being summoned.
  • Enhanced E-ability Launching :Faces each other and then dashes forward with a giant blade between them.
  • While performing Cross Finales: Charges and then dashes in a X formation crossing each other and then in the middle sparks and damages enemy.(Cross Finales is derived from a Tales Series Mystic Art)
  • After the SPLIT’s duration: Caspid will vanish like fading light and to Robe vanishes like fading shadow. Even if moving.