• ScreamBloodyGore

    Hello everyone,

    I'm gonna make this short because i basically care about what you think on this.

    If you remember riot buffed tanky junglers that werent being played that much(rammus,amumu,sejuani,malphite,maokai,nautilus) and tried to give them a better itemization choice,hence the changes at the Spirit of the Ancient Golem.I'm not sure if the tank jungler popularity rised as planned,however we reached pre season 5 and the new jungle was introduced.The new jungle items give whatever you believe you lack more. Waveclear,ganking ability,dueling ability are now provided. Now to the topic. Using our beloved wiki,I just checked out the Nautilus patch history  since his release.Wanna know what i got?  Nautilus has been getting BUFFS ONLY for the e…

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