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  • Seltonu

    I like champions that take skill to master, like Syndra and Elise. I own Syndra, but not Elise. So far I'm thinking her as my next champ. The kind of thing I look for are high mobility since I like getting in and out of a skirmish but also being able to pick up a kill in that skirmish. I DON'T like people such as Xin who charge in and if built correctly can 1v5 teams. Also the "cooler" they are the better. What I mean is Xin charges in, hits, spins. Not exciting. Syndra relies on placement of her q to succeed, so it's strategy in a way, and it's fun.

    Here are my main champs so you get an idea of what I like:

    My overall main: Katarina (best mobility ever, and actually DOES take skill (belive it or not you haters who think she is OP), to excel…

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