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    Cesar, the master chef

    December 26, 2016 by Sep0689

    Cesar makes a plate of food that heal the target

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    |cost = 50 |costtype = mana |cooldown = |description = Cesar can stack 5 knifes

    |leveling = |description2 = Cesar throw a kitchen knife in a direction, if the knife hit a champion it will apply for 2.5 seconds.}}

    |cost = 70 |costtype = mana |cooldown = 10 |leveling = |description = Cesar drinks a special hot sauce that make him spit fire dealing damage to all units on the cone radius}}

    |cost = 120 |costtype = mana |cooldown = 100 |description = Cesar cooks a soup on his cauldron, after 5 seconds he throw it to a location on the map dealing Knockback to all enemy champions in the radius and healing ally champions

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