1 Growth 18 1 Growth 18
Health 600 (+55) 1535 Attack damage 150 (+5) 235
Health regen. 7.5 (+1.5) 33 Attack speed 0.700 (+0.30%) 5.8%
Mana 550 (+50.5) 1408.5 Armor 50 (+3.5) 109.5
Mana regen. 8 (+0.5) 16.5 Magic resist. 30.8 (+1.25) 52.1
Attack range 130 Mov. speed 330
Bag of ingredients


All of the consumable items that cesar buys receive bonus stats depending of the item.

Also if an ally use a consumable item nearby cesar, the champion will have the same bonus stats

bon appetit
COST: 50 mana

Active: Cesar makes a plate of food that heal the target

  • Heal: 50 / 100 / 130 / 180 / 250

Silver knife
RANGE: 500
COST: 50 mana

Passive: Cesar can stack 5 knifes

DAMAGE: / 50 / 100 / 150 / (+ 30% AD)

Active: Cesar throw a kitchen knife in a direction, if the knife hit a champion it will apply Grievous Wounds icon Grievous Wounds for 2.5 seconds.

Hot sauce
RANGE: 500 45º
COST: 70 mana

Active: Cesar drinks a special hot sauce that make him spit fire dealing damage to all units on the cone radius

DAMAGE: / 100 / 150 / 200 / 250 / (+ 25% AD)

Main course
COST: 120 mana

Active:Cesar cooks a soup on his cauldron, after 5 seconds he throw it to a location on the map dealing Knockback to all enemy champions in the radius and healing ally champions

  • Heal: 100 / 150 / 200 / 250 / 300


In Runeterra there is a man who comes from a demacian rich family who earned their wealth by selling agricultural products. He is called Cesar, a man who became a master chef thanks to his studies in a prestigious demacian university in demacia, one day I wake up and I think that Runeterra needed to taste his food, it was when he decided to pack his kitchen tools and a bag of ingredients After saying goodbye to his family, he embarked on a journey through the whole runeterra to show Runeterra his food.

Quotes: Edit

Champion select:


Let me give you the menu of your death


Well fewer mouths to feed

Upon Starting a Game:

Summoner Rift

The master chef is here, and do not forget just gold

Howling Abyss

I think I can make ice cream here

Twisted Treeline

Remind me not to take ingredients from this place


I think I have all my utensils, oh wait I think I forget my dipper
I have to go into the jungle for some ingredients
Forget to ask the shopkeeper if he had some ingredients
I have to buy a lighter cauldron
I'm thirsty, where's my canteen?


Good thing I left the spoon and not the knife and the fork
If you continue with that attitude I hit you with the cauldron
What else do you want me to do? Do you want me to serve you a bowl of soup?
Imagine if I used a bigger knife
I think if I used all the utensils I could beat the whole league of legends

Upon Killing an Enemy Champion:

Don't worry, I'll cook at your funeral.
Imagine what I would do with you if I cooked for cannibals
Anyone else want to try my culinary skills?

Getting First Blood

First customer served

Using Bon Appetit

Fast food for you
You can eat it with your hands if you want
I also have some juice if you want

Using silver knife

Catch this
We can say that it was a kitchen accident
I have more where this came from

Using hot sauce

This is going to hurt more to me than to you
Well here goes nothing
I'll need my full canteen for what's going to happen

Preparing main course

A little of this and another bit of this and the main saucer is ready
I better not put many ingredients I have to throw this
Why do I always make a soup?

Using main course

Main course ready
Open your mouth wide
Don`t worry you don't need a spoon


Come for a spoonful, if you dare.