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    Any program that can handle the XMPP protocol can most likely connect to the regular chat using the following settings. This guide will focus on setting up the chat for the free messenger Pidgin but the settings should be the same for any XMPP client.

    • Protocol: XMPP
    • Username: '
    • Password: AIR_
    • Domain: pvp.net
    • Connection security: Use old-style SSL
    • Connect port: 5223

    The different servers used for chat.

    • EU West: chat.euw1.lol.riotgames.com
    • EU Nordic: chat.eun1.riotgames.com
    • US: chat.na2.lol.riotgames.com
    • Public Beta Environment: chat.pbe1.lol.riotgames.com
    • Oceania: chat.oc1.lol.riotgames.com
    • Brazil: chat.br.lol.riotgames.com *
    • Turkey: chat.tr.lol.riotgames.com *
    • Russia: chat.ru.lol.riotgames.com *
    • Latin America North: chat.la1.lol.riotgames.com *
    • Latin America South: chat.…

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    Seeing Dominons release a lot of people seen the use of fast movementspeed on the battlefield.
    As such a lot of people started using Boots of Mobility or Boots of Swiftness, so I decided to make some calculations on both, to see how they stand relative each other.

    I dont draw any conclusions as items in League of Legends are all situational, I merely present some math and which should help you make a better choice for your gameplay.

    First thing to know is that there are softcaps to speed in LoL, this is to prevent people reaching silly (unballanced) values.

    • The raw speed between 415 and 490 gets multiplied by 80%.
    • The raw speed over 490 gets multiplied by 50%.

    This means that once you start building up movementspeed, each additional effect you gain…

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