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    Due to the addition of Athene's Unholy Grail and Maw of Malmortius, it's much easier for someone to purchase magic resist without sacrificing damage. For this reason, I believe there should be an upgrade on the Haunting Guise, which would make it a viable late game item.

    At the moment, HG is an very good choice for an AP caster, provided the enemy team has more than the base 30 magic resist. However, the stats it provides are unimportant when late game comes and Void staff does a better job against high MR champions, while giving 70 AP. For this reason, I believe HG should get the Hexdrinker treatment and have it's magic penetration nerfed.

    The new HG could have the following stats:

    • + 200 hp
    • + 30 AP
    • Unique: +10 magic penetration.

    Generally, an A…

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