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  • Shadowlord723

    Randall, The Arcane Spellmaster is a champion in League of Legends, created by Shadowlord723. His gameplay as well as strategies formed by playing him will differ based on the Summoner Spells he has equipped for the match.


    Important Note: Due to Randall having a kit which requires a huge amount of knowledge, resulting with as you guys call "Burden of Knowledge", as well as many other reasons, I have decided that I will create another champion concept which is the reworked version of Randall (Riot can have reworks, so can we). However, as this is merely a personal champion concept which I wished to create and I hold the right to post any kind of champion concepts I want as long as it does not offend anyone, I will not delete this champion concep…

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  • Shadowlord723

    Liu - The Shadow Knight

    February 16, 2016 by Shadowlord723

    Liu, The Unforeseen Shadow is a custom champion in League of Legends, created by Shadowlord723.

    seconds, Liu will dodge the next non-minion damage he receives. When dodging, Liu becomes Distorted for 4 seconds, gaining bonus attack speed}} and movement speed and restores . Shadow Distortion's cooldown cannot be reduced by any means.

    |description2 = Shadow Distortion cannot dodge any form of minion damage, true damage, and on-hit effects which have been applied from attacks that has not been dodged. }}

    Liu jumps to a target area after a brief delay and slashes the area in an arc with his blade upon landing, dealing physical damage to all nearby enemies caught in the slash. After doing so, Liu instantly dashes back to his original location, dealing …
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