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  • Shadowstriker314

    Soutring, the Soul Binder is a Custom Champion meant as an entry for the First Champion Creation Contest.

    % for 2 seconds. This cannot occur more than once every 10 seconds. }}}}

    |cost= |costtype=mana |range=600 |description=Soutring releases a soul to fly towards an enemy unit and deal damage. |leveling= }}}}

    |costtype=mana |cooldown= |description=Soutring creates a field of despair, dealing damage to enemy units for 5 seconds and snaring any enemy unit that stands on the despaired field for 1,5 seconds. |leveling= 175 }}}}

    |cost= |costtype=mana |leveling= |description=Soutring deals magic damage to nearby enemy units and reduces the AP of all enemy champions hit. The total amount of AP reduced (amplified by ) is then added to his o…

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  • Shadowstriker314

    Okay, so this champion concept is based on another game I used to play, and I still love that game, especially the underlying principles of the main character, whose intruder (to say it with a nice word) I based this new champion on. By the way, any copyrights for the original "intruder", Akachi, are Atari property (Blend word?). Okay here we go.

    Akachi, the Spirit Eater is a custom champion in League of Legends.


    You can eat the souls of the dead minions on the fields of justice, and you gain natural spirit energy regeneration.

    |leveling= |description2= Akachi leashes out to the target enemy, eating his soul and dealing damage. This damage is then added to Akachi’s Spirit energy. Casting this ability adds 7 stacks of Craving. |leveling2= …

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  • Shadowstriker314

    Zap, the Void's Generator is a custom champion in the [League of Legends].


    When an enemy debuffed with the negative voltage is hit by a positive ability or vice versa, the target is stunned for seconds.}}

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