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  • Shahraj3350

    League Rpg

    September 2, 2016 by Shahraj3350

    Champion Location Level Role Secondary Role Type Attack Type Quest From

    Affiliation Needed:

    Alistar Summoners Rift 0/1 Tank Fighter Mini Boss Melee Ezreal

    Sacred Cow Nashor's Lair 0/2 Tank Fighter Side Boss Melee Ezreal

    Tibbers Vodoo Temple 0/3 Tank
    Mini Boss Melee Ezreal

    Annie Vodoo Jungle 0/4 Mage
    Boss Magic/Range Ezreal



    1/1 Marksman Assassin Boss Range Dr.Mundo

    Jinx Zaun Street 69 1/2 Marksman
    Side Boss Range Zaun Governor

    Proffesor Stanwick Stanwick's Lab 1/3 Mage Support Mini Boss Magic/Melee Dr.Mundo

    Warwick Zaun's Forest 1/4 Fighter Assassin Mini Boss Melee Soraka

    Shadow Figure Stanwick's Chamber 1/5 Assassin
    Side Boss Melee Soraka

    Singed Zaun's Alchemy 1/6 Tank
    Mini Boss Magic/Melee Orianna

    Augmented Singed Chem Trail's 1/7 Tank Fighte…

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  • Shahraj3350

    Lore Contest

    February 21, 2016 by Shahraj3350

    Ok guyszzz!

    I think we should have contest

    Lore Contest


    • Do not copyphase
    • Do not copy others
    • Do not get in lol champions lore
    • Do not even be Naughty


    • Title must be: Contestant (then name)(title of the blog)
    • You create your own Lore
    • I pick the winner
    • Or 2ND choice Votings
    • Questions Accepted

    You do your lore in a blog

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  • Shahraj3350

    Skin ideas

    December 18, 2015 by Shahraj3350




    R-Black and Brown aura

    SO-Thorny Zyra


    E-Greenish with Black particles



    S-U.R.F Thresh 

    P-Souls-Water drops

    Q-at the point of rope there a life preserver

    W-Water particles

    R-Urf Tomb


    Q-Water particles

    R-Water with Goo/Slime particles

    St.Patrick Day

    Gold Malphite

    P-Gold Color

    Q-Gold Color

    W-Gold Color

    R-Gold and Light yellow particles

    Gold Maokai

    Q-Yellow and Gold particles

    E-Yellow (eyes) Gold-orange color

    R-Gold dust like flying around ??????


    Priest Karthus

    P-Yellow and White

    Q-White and feathers particles

    W-The Gate From Heaven

    E-Some sort of holy water with yellow Particles?

    R-Sermon of priest(white and glowing gold spark)

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  • Shahraj3350

    Statistics Edit

    Health 600 – 2100 Attack damage 70 – 160
    Health regen. 7.0 – 17.8 Attack speed [*] 0.67 (+0% – 42.5%)
    Mana 285 – 940 Armor 24.7 – 91.1
    Mana regen. 5.1 – 15.7 Magic res. 32.1 – 49.7
    Melee 185 Mov. speed 345

    Ghost Run

    Hecarim triple the movement speed of himself if he use 10 basic attacks and also remove negative effects last 3 seconds


    Giant Cleave RANGE: 250COST: 37 / 40 / 43 / 45 / 47 ManaCOOLDOWN: 3

    Active: Hecarim cleaves nearby enemies, dealing physical damage that is increased by 55% against monsters and champions.Enemies hit by Giant Cleave will become [1] blind for 3 seconds.

    if it hits a champion it's reduce the cooldown of Giant Cleave by 2 seconds.

    「 Physical Damage: 50 / 65/ 90 / 110 / 130 (+ 95% bonus AD) 」


    Ghost Aspect/Spirit Power RANGE: 300COST: 55 …

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