Champion Location Level Role Secondary Role Type Attack Type Quest From

Affiliation Needed:

Alistar Summoners Rift 0/1 Tank Fighter Mini Boss Melee Ezreal
Sacred Cow Nashor's Lair 0/2 Tank Fighter Side Boss Melee Ezreal
Tibbers Vodoo Temple 0/3 Tank Mini Boss Melee Ezreal
Annie Vodoo Jungle 0/4 Mage Boss Magic/Range Ezreal


1/1 Marksman Assassin Boss Range Dr.Mundo
Jinx Zaun Street 69 1/2 Marksman Side Boss Range Zaun Governor
Proffesor Stanwick Stanwick's Lab 1/3 Mage Support Mini Boss Magic/Melee Dr.Mundo
Warwick Zaun's Forest 1/4 Fighter Assassin Mini Boss Melee Soraka
Shadow Figure Stanwick's Chamber 1/5 Assassin Side Boss Melee Soraka
Singed Zaun's Alchemy 1/6 Tank Mini Boss Magic/Melee Orianna
Augmented Singed Chem Trail's 1/7 Tank Fighter Boss Melee Orianna
The Experiment Singed's Lab 1/8 Unknown Side Boss Magic/Melee Orianna
Viktor Viktor's Lab I 1/9 Mage Boss Magic/Range Blitzcrank
Battlecast Blitzcrank Viktor's Lab II 1/10 Support Side Boss Magic/Melee Orianna
Battlecast Viktor Evolution 1/11 Mage Big Boss Magic/Range Orianna
Police Boxer Piltover Streets 2/1 Fighter Mini Boss Melee Caitlynn
Vi Debonair 2/2 Tank


Boss Melee Caitlynn
Yordle MasterMInd Yordle Academy 2/3 Unknown Side Boss Magic/Range Heimerdinger
Punk Boss Grafiti Line I 2/4 Unknown MIni Boss Melee Vi
Ekko Grafiti Line II 2/5 Mage Assassin Boss Magic/Melee Vi
Criminal Piltover Capital I 2/6 Marksman Mini Boss Range Caitlynn
Hextech Gargantuan Hextech Lab 2/7 Tank Mage Side Boss Magic/Melee Heimerdinger
Mafia Jinx Piltover Capital II 2/8 Marksman Boss Range Caitlynn
Chaorrupted Jayce Piltover Capital III 2/9 Fighter Tank Big Boss Range/Melee Caitlynn
Zilean Urtistan


Support Mage Side Boss Magic/Range Kalamandan Merchant
Void seeker Urtistani Dessert 3/2 Unknown Mini Boss Magic/Melee Zilean
Vel'Koz Clock Tower I 3/3 Mage Boss Magic/Range Zilean
Big Vel'Koz Clock Tower II 3/4 Mage Big Boss Magic/Range Zilean
Demacian Brawler Inter City a 3/5a Fighter Tank Mini Boss Melee Katarina Noxus
Noxian Brawler Inter City b 3/5b Fighter Assassin Mini Boss Melee Garen Demacia
Xin Zhao Kalamanda a 3/6a Fighter Side Boss Melee Talon Noxus
Talon Kalamanda b 3/6b Assassin Side Boss Melee Xin Zhao Demacia
Demacian Exemplar Kalamanda Capital a 3/7a Tank Boss Melee Swain Noxus
Noxian Tactician Kalamanda Capital b 3/7b Mage Boss Magic/Range Jarvan IV Demacia
Brackern Crystal Scar 3/8 Tank Fighter Side Boss Magic/Melee Zilean
Skarner Dominion 3/9 Tank Fighter Big Boss Magic/Melee Zilean
Shuriman Prophet Bel'zhun 4/1 Mage Side Boss Magic/Range Skarner
Rek’Sai Sai 4/2 Fighter Side Boss Magic/Melee Rammus
Amumu Shurima Wasteland 4/3 Tank Mage Side Boss Magic/Melee Ezreal
Mercenary Shurima Capital I 4/4 Marksman Mini Boss Range Taliyah
Sivir Shurima Capital II 4/5 Marksman Boss Range Taliyah
Cassiopeia du Couteau Tomb of the Emperors I 4/6 Mage Mini Boss Range Nasus
Cursed Cassiopeia Tomb of the Emperor's II 4/7 Mage Boss Magic/Range Nasus
Azir Sun Disc I 4/8 Mage Boss Magic/Range Nasus' Scholar
Magus Xerath Sun Disc II 4/9 Mage Boss Magic/Range Nasus' Scholar
Renekton Descent Tomb I 4/10 Tank Fighter Side Boss Melee Nasus
Nasus Descent Tomb II 4/11 Tank Fighter Side Boss Magic/Melee Nasus' Scholar
Ascended Cassiopeia Tomb of the Emperors III 4/12 Unknown Boss Magic/Range Nasus
Ascended Renekton Butcher's Tomb 4/13 Fighter Assassin Boss Magic/Melee Nasus
Ascended Xerath Oasis of Dawn 4/14 Mage Big Boss Magic/Range Nasus
  • Alistar
  • The Sacred Cow
  • Tibbers & Annie
  • Twitch
  • Jinx
  • Professor Stanwick
  • Warwick
  • Shadow Figure
  • Singed
  • Augmented Singed
  • The Experiment
  • Viktor
  • Battlecast Blitzcrank
  • Battlecast Viktor
  • Police Boxer
  • Vi
  • Yordle Mastermind
  • Punk Boss
  • Ekko
  • Criminal
  • Hextech Gargantuan
  • Mafia Jinx
  • Chaorrupted Jayce
  • Zilean
  • Void Seeker
  • Vel'Koz
  • Big Vel'Koz
  • Demacian Brawler
  • Noxian Brawler
  • Xin Zhao
  • Talon
  • Demacian Exemplar
  • Noxian Tactician
  • Brackern
  • Skarner
  • Shuriman Prophet
  • Rek'Sai
  • Amumu
  • Mercenary
  • Sivir
  • Cassiopeia du Couteau
  • Cursed Cassiopeia
  • Azir
  • Magus Xerath
  • Renekton
  • Nasus
  • Ascended Cassiopeia
  • Ascended Renekton
  • Ascended Xerath