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  • Shao Sq


    Sword of the Weak

    I mean,who ever buys Sword of the Divine?Many times,people simply forget about the passive.Or perhaps it's not gold effiecient at all (As shown here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uWTVT_jA-Ro) I think perhaps it definitely could be buffed to be more attractive.I feel that the attack speed should stay after it is on cooldown. I also feel that assists should also grant half the cooldown being reduced.Furthermore,it's a very weak item to most adcs late game as some parts of the active would probably be wasted as they build attack speed and critical chance.Perhaps instead of the next 3 attacks being critcal strikes, we could make it deal 75% more damage so that it would deal tons of damage on a critical strike.This should…

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  • Shao Sq

    Lag indicator?

    June 14, 2013 by Shao Sq

    So recently I have been experiencing violent lag spikes,where my ping rises from ~20 to 1500.It is really annoying and I have died many times because of it.Of course,lag spikes aren't a easy problem to tackle,but I'm thinking Riot should have some sort of icon above those who are lagging or ping is above a critical level.After all,the game can measure your ping and FPS,and the "Attempting to Reconnect" bar will appear when lagging.I feel that this may be able to remove some of the negative messages you get after lagging right in the middle of a  teamfight.Also,this can help identify people who simply shout "LAG" as an excuse after a mistake.

    I am also thinking that perhaps if the player loses control of his/her champion,he should get a huge…

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