Sword of the Weak

I mean,who ever buys Sword of the Divine?Many times,people simply forget about the passive.Or perhaps it's not gold effiecient at all (As shown here I think perhaps it definitely could be buffed to be more attractive.I feel that the attack speed should stay after it is on cooldown. I also feel that assists should also grant half the cooldown being reduced.Furthermore,it's a very weak item to most adcs late game as some parts of the active would probably be wasted as they build attack speed and critical chance.Perhaps instead of the next 3 attacks being critcal strikes, we could make it deal 75% more damage so that it would deal tons of damage on a critical strike.This should make the item still remain relevent during late game.

Gems are truly outrageous?

I think the build path for Eleisa's miracle is the biggest problem. Anyone would want to get as much gold out from Philosopher's Stone before building it into something else.And when would you get lots of gold from the item?Late game,where you are probably level 18.Drat.This item needs you to level up 3 times for it's passive to work.

Also,clairity should be changed to exhaust.(Who uses clarity..)


I'm hungry,so I vomit  

Here I'm talking about Kog'Maw's Q.Well,really I think it should gain range when Kog'Maw gains range(His W) so that he can actually use it.

Mr Plane  

Q-AD ratio plz. 

R-Needs more AD ratio, 20% AD?This skill is built for poking but I feel that it should also have some effect in teamfights. Late game,he's much better off autoattacking then casting this.