Alrighty, So I was thinking of which place needs a support and Bilgewater popped into my mind. I was thinking what would be the best type of pirate that would fulfill this roll, and I couldn't think of one. But then it dawned on me that Pirates made it too ports quite often and needed places to sleep. Which made me decided that a support that is like an old granny would be idea, but not like a weak old granny; a bust a move if you hurt one of her young kind of granny. So Muriam the Inn Keeper came to be.

But now I ask for your help in designing her kit because I have a few ideas, but then I become lost after a little bit.

A few of them were:

She jumps to a target location knocking back enemies: This could be used to get gap closers off your adc
She could have an aoe heal where she throws food in a target area and Allies in the area are healed
A targetable or progectile heal in which she throws food at an ally
An AOE Taunt that involves her throwing food in an area?

I was also thinking about some of her quotes for taunting or joking

To Caitlyn: "Cupcakes are for eating, not for trapping"
"Now THAT is just a waste of food"
To Jinx: "You poor thing! Here, have a sandwich!"
"Honey, you should put some meat on your bones"
To Kog'Maw: "Awww, I will fix you something right away"
"You're always hungry? Let me fix that!"
"My, my yes! It is feeding time"
To Cho'Gath: "See! Overeating is never an issue!"
"Eating is one sure way to grow big and srong!"

I really think she can aspire to being a great idea, I just don't know the proper use of her kit and such. Help would be most appreciative!