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  • Shaw Fujikawa

    As I'm sure many of you have no doubt noticed, there have been a great many champions in League of Legends who have seen their biographies rewritten and changed with recent updates, some more so than others and at times to a drastic extent. There's been a lot of conjecture and debates - angry debates - about these, from both why exactly Riot is doing it and why these particular champions are being targeted. I hope to clear up the mess that's been made over it for at least a few people by consolidating core information within this blog.

    This entire series of lore rewrites is all part of Riot's creative team's Champion Bio Updates initiative, which they revealed approximately nine months ago with a red post from newly-appointed creative lead desig…

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  • Shaw Fujikawa

    I don't like assassins coming in and ruining my day! Let's make a carry who can deal with them.

    Admittedly that wasn't quite the beginning of my train of thought with this champion. It actually started when I watched one of famed LoL player Stonewall008's rare DotA2 videos, where he outlined the abilities of a particular DotA hero, Silencer. He said that Silencer had an ability that automatically silenced foes who cast spells around him, preventing them from pulling off combos. Later, during a matchmade normal game, as I witnessed a narrowly escape death from a fed with a well-timed , I started thinking if it would be possible to make a carry who was strongly resistant to assassins in general.

    Enter, Marisa Karisgold! Her form is statuesqu…

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  • Shaw Fujikawa

    Miniguns. Attack speed. Heat. Hilarity ensues.

    And so, as this blog author was daydreaming during a rather uninspired physics lecture at university, the first inklings of what was to become this champion concept was born (look at me, totally the picture of a studious and attentive student :D)

    Jodric, the Shock Trooper, is an especially terrifying case of Zaunite bio-engineering. Finding his frail human body insufficient for the destructive capabilities he craved, he turned to augmentations to boost his strength and speed far beyond the grasp of a pitiful unchanged human being. His body is a mass of muscle and dark blue vein, made all the more apparent by his lack of a shirt, showing off his tattooed barrel-chest. To compliment his formidable…

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  • Shaw Fujikawa

    Screw this, I like bruisers, bruisers are cool, I'm making another bruiser...

    ... and that's pretty much my whole reasoning here. XD

    Fancy me again with another custom champion! And once again, another revisit. Meet madam Neie'Va, a possessed Demacian woman wielding some eldritch abomination from the Void (a deceptively simple sickly sword with an eyeball rolling crazily in the middle of the blade). Her flesh is a monument to pestilence, decay, and all things rot-related - her flesh sloughs off in several places, exposing the bone, rusted remains of armor and clothing cover some of her body and gangrene, boils and scabs most cover everywhere else. Her face is surprisingly intact, and you would be forgiven for seeing a beautiful red-haired wo…

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  • Shaw Fujikawa

    A mage with a distinctive 'windup' period and an ability to use his mana as a shield? Why not?

    After the relative success of Lontar, the Emissary of the Future, I felt like I should show some love to the other two champions I previously designed. I still feel that I would enjoy seeing a champion involving their main concepts, and besides, I gotta' be fair, don't I? And I can take advantage of the shiny new layout for the ability tabs!

    For those who don't want to go back and reread what I wrote before on the old blog, the main theme behind Arvice, the Wandering Psychic was to create a champion utilising a mana and energy hybrid resource. The inspiration for this was the Zoanthrope unit of Dawn of War II, who has the unique ability to use its …

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