I see this phrase used a lot when speaking about countering particular champions. People will complain that a champion does too much damage when in your face, and the typical response is that said champion is weak to CC, so you really should 'just CC them'. But that's just stupid. CC works the exact same on almost every champ! It is absolutely not a valid argument. We clear?

... no, not really.

One thing that really pisses me off sometimes is that people have one-track minds on this topic. They leap to conclusions and immediately assume the opponent of the argument is a total idiot and not worth gracing with a thoughful reply. They don't bother to look at the statement again and actually understand what the heck they're being told.

When somebody claims that a champion is, "Weak against CC," they are not talking about how long that CC will affect them for. Dark Binding Morgana's snare is still gonna last three seconds whether it's hit ShenSquare Shen or TryndamereSquare Tryndamere (or two seconds, if either of them are worth their salt and took Mercury's Treads item Merc Treads and/or Cleanse Cleanse). What we mean when we say 'weak to' is a combination of CC duration, how much it actually affects their ability to fight, how likely they are to be CC'd, and what role they took on the team.

I came across this thread a good while back, for example, which was the start of my annoyance over the subject. In it (putting aside the fact that the guy obviously wasn't thinking straight and included OlafSquare Olaf in there), he claims that CC is a counter to every single champion in the game. But really, is NautilusSquare Nautilus going to give two shits if you waste your crucial stun on him? Or IreliaSquare Irelia?

Hence, the reason why we claim many damage-dealer melee champions can be countered by CC whereas damage-sponge and ranged champions are not is not because CC somehow changes its duration on them (this is only a factor for the very few champions who have built in tenacity), but because they're both more likely to GET CC'd in the first place - melee is in range of everyone in a teamfight and everyone knows who to target first - and being CC'd at all is far more dangerous for them - they really, really do not like snares and slows are far more of a nuisance than slowing a ranged AD carry because they rely on staying next to their target.

Yay for my first rant blog. I really wanted this out of my system for a while now. Comments would be appreciated and don't forget to subscribe.

~ Shaw