Let's try my hand at another true hypercarry for League of Legends.

That was my thought process behind this champion concept. Say hello to Lontar, the Emissary of the Future. He is a dashing young man with a grave look unbecoming of his age curling his features. His body is largely encased in bulky Pulsefire armor much like his close associate EzrealSquare Ezreal, but its weight does not appear to slow him down at all. In lieu of the jetpack of PFE, Lontar has acquired himself a rather more impressive suit, hefting a glowing blue-white halo device on his back. Upon the moment of his ultimate coming off cooldown, a loud bang and puff of smoke ensues and a shifting portal appears within the halo. On his right shoulder is mounted a light green mini-turret, apparently controlled by the comparatively archaic joystick he cradles in his hand. On his left is a metal claw caging a tiny portal to the Void itself. Good stuff!

As I said before, this guy is a powerful hypercarry ala NasusSquare Nasus and VeigarSquare Veigar. Only this guy is them turned up to eleven. His base stats are truly atrocious, being average at best and tied for the worst stats in the League at worst. However, his stat growth is literally limitless, with his passive granting him a small amount of stats every minute and his W applying these stats to every attack he does. His early game is decidedly awful because of his very small mana pool and relatively high spell costs, as well as disgustingly long cooldowns. This kind of unchecked stat growth is most likely very hard to balance (Morello would say as much about NasusSquare Nasus), so, well, any feedback about this idea's veracity is appreciated.

Champion StatisticsEdit

1 Growth 18 1 Growth 18
Health 350 (+65) Attack damage (+0)
Health regen. 4.1 (+0.5) Attack speed 0.590 (+3.4%)
Mana 160 (+30) Armor 7.25 (+2.7)
Mana regen. 3.9 (+0.3) Magic resist. 30 (+0)
Attack range 525 Mov. speed N/A


Nanotech Carapace
Shaw Fujikawa Lontar nanotech carapace

Lontar gains 1 attack damage and 2 ability power every minute.

Void Capacitor
COST: 50 mana
COOLDOWN: 13 / 11 / 9 / 7 / 5
Shaw Fujikawa Lontar void capacitor

Passive: Lontar gains charges of Void Essence every second, up to a cap of 300 charges.

Active: Lontar consumes half of his current Void Essence charges to shoot a ball of energy that deals magic damage and has an additional effect depending on the number of charges consumed.

  • 1-49 charges: Void Capacitor deals an additional 25% damage.

  • 50-99 charges: Void Capacitor deals an additional 50% damage.

  • 100-149 charges: Void Capacitor deals an additional 75% damage and Silence icon silences his target for 1 second.

  • 150 charges: Void Capacitor deals an additional 100% damage and Silence icon silences his target for 2 seconds.

  • charges per second: 3 / 6 / 9 / 12 / 15

  • Magic damage: 80 / 110 / 140 / 170 / 200 (+ 60% AP)
  • Magic damage with 1-49 charges: 100 / 137.5 / 175 / 212.5 / 250 (+ 75% AP)
  • Magic damage with 50-99 charges: 120 / 175 / 210 / 255 / 300 (+ 90% AP)
  • Magic damage with 100-149 charges: 140 / 192.5 / 245 / 297.5 / 350 (+ 105% AP)
  • Magic damage with 150 charges: 160 / 220 / 280 / 340 / 400 (+ 120% AP)

COST: 60 mana
Shaw Fujikawa Lontar future perfect

Passive: Lontar's autoattacks deal bonus physical damage equal to 5% of his total attack damage and 5% of his ability power. This damage can critically strike.

Active: For the next 6 seconds, Lontar gains increased attack speed, and his autoattacks will deal additional bonus magic damage based on his target's maximum health. This damage is capped at 50 against monsters.

  • Attack speed bonus: 20% / 30% / 40% / 50% / 60%
  • Max health to damage ratio: 1% / 2% / 3% / 4% / 5%

COST: 100 mana
COOLDOWN: 25 / 22 / 19 / 16 / 13
Shaw Fujikawa Lontar timewalk

Active: Lontar phases through time, dashing to a target location while becoming untargetable.

  • Dash speed: 300 / 400 / 500 / 600 / 700
  • Dash length: 600

Future Perfect
Shaw Fujikawa Lontar overcharge

Active: Lontar prepares his armor's systems for emergency activation. Upon death, the actions of his past few seconds are shown as a ghost, visible to both allies and enemies. During this the ability can be activated to revive Lontar immediately at the ghost's current location with the same health and mana he possessed at that time. If the ability is not reactivated, Lontar does not revive and the ability does not go on cooldown.

  • Ghost duration: 3 / 4 / 5


A visitor of this time from some point in the distant future, the soldier Lontar now spends his days brooding in the halls of the Institute with a countenance unbecoming of his handsome appearance. For what he has travelled back so far to accomplish, he will not speak much of, but one thing is certain - when this catastrophe he predicts rears its head, he will be ready and waiting for it.

Lontar's appearance in this time was heralded with a violent and massive explosion of smoke and snow in the eastern slopes of the Freljordian mountains. Largely unaware of his true location, the warrior travelled further south to the great city of Piltover. The citizens of the city were astonished at the technology he carried, and despite refusing to answer their questions of his origins and motives, he rapidly developed a reputation as a mysterious celebrity among the populace. His presence was soon noticed by two influential individuals of the area - JayceSquare Jayce, the bright young architect of the Mercury Hammer, and HeimerdingerSquare Heimerdinger, the governor of the Yordle Academy of Piltover. Speaking at length with the duo, Lontar spoke of a great catastrophe in the murk of the near future, and had sought to avert the disaster through travelling back to the past. Concerned, but intrigued, the two minds directed Lontar to the Institute of War, where they believed he had the best chance of influencing the roots of this calamity yet to be seen.

"If you're the resident doombringer in your town, Lontar might just be making a housecall soon."


Upon selection
  • "Our future is safe in my hands."
  • "Understood."
  • "I will see this through."
  • "Turning back the pendulum."
  • "Don't condemn that which you don't understand."
  • "Small steps add up over time."
  • "I will preserve this world."
  • "Locomotors working."
  • "The past CAN be changed!"
  • "I can see what you mean."
  • "If it will help."
  • "No turning back."
  • "A perilous future awaits."
  • "He who dares, succeeds."
  • "Target marked."
  • "The catastrophe comes early for you."
  • "Consider this your first lesson from Doomsday Survival 101."
  • "Time will not hold back either."
  • "Outscaled, and outmatched."
  • "You're centuries before your time."
  • "Life is the slowest form of death."
  • "The future was a greater threat than you ever were."
  • "You were not meant to be."
  • "You will be undone."
  • "Leave! I have work to do!"
  • "I have come from the future... and you're not in it."
  • "Time waits for no-one. You're no exception."
  • "I come bearing dark tidings, but you will have no need for them."
Taunting an enemy BrandSquare Brand
  • "Those flames... I know them."
  • "I've heard that voice before."
Taunting an enemy LissandraSquare Lissandra
  • "Your dreams of an icy future are false. I've seen it."
Taunting an enemy ZileanSquare Zilean
  • "If you have the power to control time, why must you insist on wasting it?"
  • "Are you too wrapped up in self-pity to save your own race, you old fool?"
  • "If I do not succeed here, you know you must continue my work!"
  • "Time travelling is pretty versatile. Whenever I'm hungry after a meal, all I have to do is 'go back four seconds'."
  • "I get asked a lot about having an unstable portal on my back. I tell them, "It was either that, or a rusted old car powered by lightning.""
Upon using Timewalk
  • "Over here."
  • "Goodbye."
  • "See you soon."
  • "Don't blink."
Upon reviving with Future Perfect
  • "Not yet."
  • "Not now."
  • "Miss me?"
  • "Boo."
  • "Denied."
Upon using Recall Recall
  • "Returning to base."
  • "Heading home."

League JudgementEdit

Candidate: Lontar

Date: 24 October, 21 CLE


The brilliant blue-and-white suit of strange armour traverses the pristine white halls of the Institute with disquieting silence. The machinery glows with some foreign power unexplainable by today’s standards, and even then the deceptively soft purple glow of what is unmistakably Void energy would be more than enough to give any potential aggressors a reason to think twice.

The young man encased in the metal shell gives the Institute’s scenery a cursory glance, his brow furrowing perhaps in recognition of a distant memory. Soon withdrawing his gaze from the surroundings, he halts to regard the inscription on the door lying before him.

The truest opponent lies within.

The warrior’s eyes narrow in defiance at the statement, but he makes not a sound to accompany it. Lifting a gauntleted hand, he makes to push aside the door himself but is unsurprised when they open of their own accord. Without hesitation, he strides forwards into the darkness beyond.



They were running.

Of that much, Lontar could be certain. His mother had hastily roused him from sleep barely a few minutes ago with terror threatening to spill an avalanche of words from her lips. She had barely dressed him in a small t-shirt and pants in some semblance of modesty and then rushed out of the door cradling him in her arms. She’d not spared the time nor the breath to so much as tell the frightened child what had her so distressed.

Even so, he could hazard a guess. The street they were rushing down alongside half a dozen others looked the same as it had since he was born. But the sky above had turned a grisly blood red colour than forebode no good tidings, and thick black clouds choked what remained of the sun. Looking at the horizon, a silhouette of the Ironspike Mountains with the occasional building giving it a sharp edge, Lontar could not see anything different… until a colossal white flash nearly robbed him of use of his eyes and caused him to flinch violently.

His eyes shut as he blinked spots out of his vision still, he was not expecting it when a huge blast of hot air and ash flew through the street. Lontar felt his mother lose her grip on him immediately as the air around him became parched and thick with volcanic debris. Gasping for air, the eight-year-old managed to open his eyes just a sliver to see the road now caked in settling ash. The other men and women had crumpled before the blast, some not moving, others reduced to merely crawling in the dirt, blinded.

“Lon… Lontar,” his mother whispered beside him.

Flinching and whirling around to face her, the boy felt a tremble pass through his body. His mother had her eyes clenched shut in agony as burning ash had cauterised her sockets.

“To the shelter,” she whimpered. “Please. You must. I cannot carry you any further, my son.”

Fighting back a sob, he replied, “But what about you, mama?”

Despite her pain, she managed a weak smile. “Mama will be fine, Lontar, I promise.” She gritted her teeth and blindly reached out to caress him on the cheek one last time. “Now go! Live, for me!”

“Y-yes, ma!” Tears now cloaking the edges of his vision, he turned and ran from his mother, ran from the one being who had taken care of him for the entirety of his short life.

Even with his eyes narrowed in despair, he could never have missed the massive flash occurring again behind him. Swallowing, he double-timed it, urging his legs to carry him faster even as they burned from the exertion. There! The dark green metal doors of the bunker were slightly askew, evidently having pried open by the burnt corpse of the man lying on the wall next to it.

His teeth threatening to shatter from how hard he was clenching them, Lontar stiffly rushed inside, turned around and shut the door. Moments later, the doors threatened to burst from their hinges as another blast rocked the area.

For how long he was in there, he could not tell. It wasn’t possible to tell the time in the poorly-lit confines of the shelter beyond the incessant batterings the doors received from outside blasts, which seemed to be spaced evenly apart, but after a considerable length of it, the boy, still traumatized from his experience, hesitantly unlocked the door and stared outside.

A flattened wasteland of dust, ash and fire greeted him. What buildings still remained were merely charred hulks of what they once were. The mountains in the distance had lost their trademark snowcaps and were now as dark and foreboding as the rock they were made of.

Lontar fell to his knees. This couldn’t be happening. It just couldn’t.

“Why do you want to join the League?”

His head snapping up, the boy twisted his head and stared at the roasted husk of the man that he’d seen before. The corpse’s face was contorted into a still-recognizable grin.

His heart skipped a beat. This wasn’t supposed to happen…

“Why do you want to join the League, Lontar?” the skeleton asked again.

Slowly gathering himself together, he ground out, “I cannot let all of this…” He swept a preadolescent hand out at the wasteland. “… come to pass. I… I just can’t.”

The corpse cocked its head, its bones creaking as the withered flesh strained to keep it on its shoulders. "You have lost much to get this far."

"I have. And I feel I will still have to lose more."

The cadaver's eyes flashed. Moments later Lontar felt a dizzying sensation as the apocalyptic scene around him was replaced by a much more foreboding dark room, and he was back in his present body. A lone cloaked figure stood a few feet away from him. A summoner.

"Are you not afraid that preventing this disaster, noble as it may be, may only forestall the inevitable? Or worse, undo your very existence?" The man sounded cold and calculating, though not entirely unkind, in his words.

Lontar's shoulders sunk. "It is a chance I will have to take," he said, voice dropping to a mere whisper that echoed unsettlingly in the inky blackness around them.

The summoner went silent, perhaps in contemplation, and then appeared to change demeanour and smiled broadly. "How does it feel, exposing your mind?" he asked amiably.

Lontar paused. "That... perhaps my mission will not be in vain. Thank you for that."

The robed figure bowed graciously, and stepped back to be consumed in the darkness. Lontar shut his eyes and felt a solitary tear trace its way down his face as he lifted a hand to touch the same spot his mother had during their last moments together.

When he opened them again, the confidence from earlier blazed within them. Without further hesitation, he strode forwards into the light, and into the League.

Patch HistoryEdit


  • General
    • Added several new voice lines and taunts.
  • Void Capacitor:
    • Base damage increased to 80/110/140/170/200 from 80/100/120/140/160.
    • Base ability power ratio reduced to 60% from 80%.


  • Void Capacitor:
    • Now has a maximum stack cap of 300 from 100.
    • Effect thresholds changed to 1-49/50-99/100-149/150 from 1-15/16-32/33-49/50.
    • Stack gain rate changed to 3/6/9/12/15 from 1/2/3/4/5.
    • Threshold damage bonuses increased to 25%/50%/75%/100% from 0%/25%/50%/75%.
    • Ability power ratio increased to 80% from 60%.
    • Active can no longer blind targets.
    • Active effect at 100-149 charges consumed now silences for 1 second.
  • Overcharge:
    • Tooltip changed.
    • Passive ability power ratio increased to 5% from 3%.
    • Passive damage type changed back to physical.
    • Passive bonus damage now works with critical strikes.
  • Future Perfect:
    • Ghost duration increased to 3/4/5 from 2/3/4.


  • General:
    • Minor League Judgement changes.
    • Added recall quotes.
    • Shortened Timewalk quotes.
  • Void Capacitor
    • Stack gain rate is now 1/2/3/4/5 from 1 at all ranks.


  • General:
    • Added ability icons.
    • Added League Judgement.


  • General:
    • Fixed attack timing bugs.
    • Health per level increased to 65 from 59.
  • Future Perfect
    • Fixed a bug where Lontar was reviving with only 1 health and mana.
    • Fixed a bug where the ghost continued with Lontar's current actions instead of replaying his previous 3 seconds.


  • General:
    • Attack range reduced to 525 from 550.
  • Void Capacitor
    • Blind duration at 38-49 charges reduced to 1 second from 2.
  • Overcharge
    • Tooltip changed.
    • Passive damage type changed to magic damage.
    • Passive magic damage scaling reduced to (5% AD)(3% AP) from (10% AD)(5% AP)
    • Active effect now gives 20/30/40/50/60% attack speed.
    • Active magic damage health shred reduced to 1/2/3/4/5% from 4/5/6/7/8%.
  • Timewalk
    • Dash speed reduced to 300/400/500/600/700 from 400/500/600/700/800.
  • Future Perfect
    • Ghost duration reduced to 2/3/4 from 3/5/7.

V. Added 21st October '12

  • Nanotech Carapace (Innate): Lontar passively gains attack damage and ability power every minute.
  • Void Capacitor: Lontar passively gains charges of Void Essence. On activation, the ability consumes a fraction of his charges to deal damage and an extra effect depending on the charges consumed.
  • Overcharge: Lontar's attacks passively deal bonus magic damage. On activation, he additionally deals damage equal to a percentage of his opponent's maximum health.
  • Timewalk: Lontar dashes for a short distance, becoming untargetable for the duration.
  • Future Perfect (Ultimate): Lontar's actions of the past several seconds are reenacted by a ghost upon his death. When activated, Lontar is immediately revived at the ghost's location with the same percentage of health and mana he previously had.