Hi everyone, I shall be brief. Dominon is a nice mode, a nice map, but it lacks diversity. Different strategies are really limited (sneak to capture undefended points or go in group and capture them by force).

In the last few months we have seen some new game modes with interesting features, in particular Ascension and URF. My proposal is to combine these games to enhance the dominion experience.

Some exemples:

  • The central relic could give you an ascended buff
  • The Quest completion could give you some urf bonuses
  • Instead of just capture quests some relic or big boss fight or duel quest could appear

I'll expand more on this, but I'd like to hear your thoughts about that.

I also think Dominion should have its own competitive league, but not after its first changes, only after some balancing has been accomplished.

More stuff, v1: the Dominion map could be expanded to feature all the risky (for balance and gameplay) mechanics that SR cannot have. Some more exemples follow:

  • teleporting stones
  • mobile tiles
  • breakable walls
  • traps
  • points that you can activate (once every some sec, maybe after a trap or monster ) and make you:
    • huge and incredibly slow
    • untangible but unable to interact for some seconds
    • create defenses around your bases
    • control a powerful monster as long as you are in some point
    • cast your spells with global range
    • create global effects (mybe some weird terrains for both you and enemies)
    • summon monsters (with, but better without control)
  • single use objecs that you find around the map and let you do amazing stuff, like:
    • ​flashing, summoning minions and allies
    • turn invisible
    • put an enemy champion out of existance for some time (zhonya-like)
    • place deadly traps on the map
    • switch champion with an enemy for some seconds

​Dominion needs real change to really shine as alternative to SR and not some fast version of it.