I started playing League of Legends because my friend showed me and made me love this awesome game! This game has so much great points, but I think the best one is because it is really FREE! That makes everyone want to continue playing, as for champions we have always new champions and now we will get the new mode Dominion! It makes me very happy that a game don't stop making updates to players for free, and another thing I like on the game is that this game is Team Based, ONE player can't win a game, all the team needs to help to achieve a victory!

My favorite champion has one of the funniest dance, and think that everyone should be on a museum, yeah it is EZREAL, I like this champion because he got lots of reference of animes(which I love) got a skin with a white hair and black cloth(I love white hair too) and he is skillshot based, I don't like to play a champion that you just need to press Q and click on the enemy to do damage, there is not a lot of skills on this.