Hey guys this is ShreddedSky, or CasperSnail, and today I had this random idea: would Riot adding VIP be a good idea? I think this would be a good idea, because the only thing you can spend money on is RP, and let's face it, RP gets boring! (do not think of me as spoiled, i actually i've spent 10$ on this game) So this is what I thought of:

VIP will unlock special previleges:

-"VIP" tag in game, on friends list, champion select, and loading screen like this: [ranked team TAG][VIP]name

-1 refund token every X months/year(s)

-2 extra mastery points yeah, 2 mastery points was just a derp moment by me, sorry.

-1 free IP 6 wins boost every month 

-1 free gift every 6 months

-1 free ON SALE (or under 490) skin every 6 months

-1 free summoner icon (can be used any time, icon must be able to be earned) ex. you cant get a S1 icon

-1 free available ward skin (can be used any time) 

That's it! Feel free to leave suggestions and feedback down below! Thanks!