Hello Everyone,

So, today I want to talk to you about the way champions are priced. I understand that newer champions are priced higher because, well, they're new. However, this made me wonder: Is that specific champion's price reasonable, in relation to their playstyle?

All players have their own main champions, however not everyone has the money to purchase them straight away and may be required to earn a lot of IP just to buy one champion. So, I propose that champions should be priced, not based on their release date, but rather on their difficulty level and kit.

Basically, easier to learn champions with simpler kits are priced lower, while the more harder champions with more complicated kits are priced higher. This allows the champions, who require more skill, learning and risk, to gain more reward from playing them and making the IP/RP used to purchase them truly worth spending.

Of course, various champions would need to have their prices adjusted relative to their difficulty and kits.

Another more simpler option would be to simply have all champions priced the same (meaning higher priced champions would be cheaper, but lower priced are more expensive). Around the 3150IP/790RP mark or something like that

What are your thoughts?